Monday, August 27, 2012

Mani Monday


This week I just wanted something simple but yet pretty and still semi bright. Typically I go for a nude/pink when I don't know what to paint my nails but this week I wanted color but not to crazy so I went with China Glaze For Audrey, I've had a post with this before in a past Mani Monday and a haul. I really like this color but I think it might be getting a bit gloppy and I haven't even had it for more then three months so that's not good. It is a gorgeous color though and I'm going to wait a while and see if it gets worse or if it was just then. I also might add a bit to it later this week and therefore I might have a post probably Thursday of how I touch up a manicure mid way through the week. I didn't use a base coat but I did use Seche Vite as my top coat.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to cure Eye Puffiness


So this is just for everyone but also goes along with the back to school theme. I know I only get six hours of sleep usually during the school year. With the lesser amount of sleep my hereditary dark circles get worse and my eyes tend to be puffy in the morning. I figured I would share things that help with that and that can be done quickly in the morning.

First thing you can make are green tea/chamomile tea ice cubes. You can do one or mix them together, what you do to make these is take a bag of each or two of the same and steep them in boiled water for about three minutes, after you do that you want to pour them into an ice tray, I like to stick toothpicks in them but that's optional. The great thing about these is that you can also chill the tea bags and use those, I will say the ice cubes can be a bit messy. Chamomile tea is a natural anti-inflammatory so it helps decrease puffiness. The caffeine in green tea does the same thing, and they are both very soothing to your eye. If you want soothing that's not going to make as much of a mess, this still gets makes a little mess though, you can soak cotton balls in the tea and freeze those, I would squeeze them out before freezing.

Another thing you can do is take two spoons and freeze them over night. I find this doesn't stay as cold as much as the ice cubes do.

You can also freeze or chill cucumber slices, these are very soothing to your eye area and gentle. Cucumber is quite popular for soothing the skin and eye area. You could juice the cucumber if you have a juicer and make ice cubes out of that too.

I hope these helps, feel free to leave any of your tips for eye puffiness in a comment. There are other things you can do, but I only wanted to share the things that don't take more then five to ten minutes and were things you can easily wipe off and it not be a big deal to do in the morning before school or work.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to school makeup part 2!

Like I said no mascara, and the liner was
more noticeable in person.
You may have seen my last look, you can see that (put in link). As I said in that post light makeup isn't really for me, but I know that's what people like for school so that's what most people do; am I the only one who doesn't enjoy back to school looks since they are too light? Since I don't like to wear light, barely there makeup I decided to do a darker but still very wearable look using all of the same products as the last look! This look is actually more simple then the last one.

Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette, you need a skin tone shimmery shade and a matte one(you can use your setting powder), a bronze, and a dark brown, you don't have to use that palette though. The numbers of the shades I used were: # M004 Chamois Nude, # ME017 Light Apricot, and # S030 Cherry Chocolate.
Brown eyeliner
Either a bronze, white, or skin tone eyeliner, I used a bronze one.
Mascara, I actually didn't use any in this look because I didn't feel like putting any on when I was just going to take it off, but normally I would have.

First as always I primed my lids and set that, then I put the bronze shade on my lid and blended it into the crease also. I then took the dark brown shade and blended it into my outer v and half way into my crease. I blended all of the edges and highlighted my brow bone with the matte shade, last for the shadows I highlighted my inner corner with the shimmery skin tone.

Now onto liner I did a line on my upper lash line tapering it inwards; for some reason you can really see it in the pictures but in person it was quite noticeable and dark. I then lined my lower lash line and half of my water line with the shame dark brown liner. I used the bronze liner on the rest of my lash line and water line where the brown wasn't. I set the brown with of course a brown and the bronze with the color I used on my lids. Lastly just apply mascara.

This look is noticeable, but still very wearable. It's good for school, work, the rest of summer, or anytime.

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Palette I used
Brushes, use code Save2012 for 10% off during August!

Thursday, August 23, 2012



I went shopping on Tuesday to pick up a few things for school and ended up getting more then school supplies. I also had to pick up a few things that will be at the end.

Lets get into the makeup I bought, I went to Target and while I was there I picked up a few ELF things.

I picked up a Mist and Set spray, black liquid liner, and a pen/marker liner; I'm going to review/compare that to the Wet n Wild one in a week or two. I picked up a concealer from their essential line in Apricot Beige, then two studio line brush thee complexion and blush brush, these are both so soft and didn't shed at all during the first wash. Lastly I got a thing of their blotting sheets and a pressed powder in Ivory. I also ordered a Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Rosegold and received it on Monday and didn't think to include it in with the things I got at target.

I went to Sally's after target to get something that is at the end; well there I picked up a pair a red mini Tweezerman tweezers, a mini powder brush just to throw in my bag and a China Glaze polish in Awakening, now that I'm shifting towards fall color it was hard to pick ones I liked since I have colors similar to theirs. I had heard of Awakening and how unique it was and that it supposedly looks like a sunset on you nails, it really is and does, its kind of a purple shade with orange; jut check it out its really pretty and different.

This was sent to me for doing something, I'm going to make a post sometime in October all about why and how and whatever else applies to that. Its a gorgeous quad although for Lancome I was bit disappointed. Like I said or typed I'll talk more about that later. Sorry for the not so great pictures. 

I needed a makeup mirror, because I decided I wanted to move my makeup in to my room and out of the bathroom since that's supposedly bad for your makeup and everyone hates when I spend so much time in the bathroom getting ready. This is nothing special just something beauty related that I needed and got so figured I'd share. A little update on Wednesday the light already stopped working I'm going to switch out the batteries and if that doesn't work take it back and replace it with a Revlon or maybe it was Remington one they had but I didn't get because it was a bronze/blackish color.

Second to last, Hot Rollers, the are by Jilbere and were on sale for 42.99, I actually paid sale price instead of discounted, this is the real reason I went to Sally Beauty Supply.  Another Wednesday update, I tried these this morning and so far I love them they heat up pretty fast under three minutes and have more then enough clips and rollers and they are gentle and leave my hair looking great! I would so far really suggest these.

Lastly, this is actually the first this I bought on Tuesday but I was saving it for last, I know this has been out for a long time but every time I go to buy it, I always talk myself out of it and do something else with the money so this time I just went right in to Sephora and bought it, I didn't give myself a chance to reconsider, I am really glad that I finally bought it though since I had wanted it for a long times.
I just got this off of the Sephora website since it wouldn't photograph well in the flash and even without it just wasn't working.

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I bought everything myself with either my money or my mothers, with the exception of the Lancome quad.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Avon Glimmersticks


I use to be a huge fan of twist up eyeliners, now I opt more for the ones you sharpen, gel, or liquid liner. I just find they apply better and last longer, and you get more for what you pay for.

I have tried at least one from each line of the Glimmerstick liners, my favorite ones would have to be the waterproof one in Brown Chocolate, Diamonds one in Flashy Copper, and the Liqui-Glide in Black, it feels like liquid liner when you apply it but its in kohl form. These retail for 7usd but usually on sale for much less. There are five different types of Glimmersticks to chose from and each one has 4+ shades. These aren't smudge proof, the waterproof ones are more or less water resistant then waterproof. I would honestly say pass on these, or try out the Liqui-Glide one but be warned you can not use that one in the waterline even though its in kohl form its still very much a liquid liner, I found that out the hard way. In my opinion these are no better then any other liners I have tried, I would suggest the Brown Chocolate and Liqui-Glide liners but all others can easily be replaced with cheaper liners. These for me, even once set, don't last all day on the waterline. My eyes aren't sensitive, but my mother who also uses these does has sensitive eyes and cannot use these on her waterline, so that's something to consider also.

You can find twist up or just plain liners anywhere for any price that are better, I would suggest either the Avon Ultra Luxury or the Wet n Wild Coloricon eyeliners, both need sharped but are much creamier and apply better. For what you usually pay they aren't the best for the price but they aren't the worst either, I just feel for less you can get better. The nice thing about these is that you have many options in both color and finish which isn't very common among brands like this or drugstore brands.

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Avon Eyeliners

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to get white haired brushes stain free!


I love white haired brushes, but I hate how even after you clean them it still looks like they are dirty! I know I personally don't like my white brushes to look like they still have eye shadow in them even though they don't. Since these are natural fibers usually, I personally don't want to use alcohol on these; so this is how I get all the color out of my white brushes. **This works for me but I'm not promising it will for you, but its worth a try.**
This is incredibly simple but an overlooked thing; this is a time consuming thing but not to bad, only about twenty minutes. So what I do is soak my white haired brushes in hot and soapy water for twenty minutes and then I just wash them like I normally would. You only want to use enough water to cover the hairs, you don't want it to get in the ferrule. This is so simple but yet it works and even though it takes some time, you can do this first and while those brush soak, just wash your other brushes. For stained synthetic brushes you can do the same thing or you can use alcohol, this is great for both face such as foundation and concealer brush and stained brushes.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mani Monday; Grape


I picked this up over a year ago at Rue 21, on black Friday if you care to know. This polish isn't the greatest but it works, two coats does the trick, I know it doesn't last too long but I can't remember how long it last since I haven't worn it much for that reason. This is a gorgeous pinkish purple with glitter. It's a total neon so it does go on matte but that can be easily fixed with a bit of top coat. The best thing about this polish is that it's scented! Yay, its a scented polish, hence the name of this post, Grape. It seriously smells like grapes, the scent last maybe three no more then four days even with a top coat on you nails, how awesome is that!? I only bought this due to the fact it claimed to be scented and it really is, I also have a neon yellow that's coconut scented. This is the Rue Beaut brand and it doesn't have a name necessarily more of a scent to classify it, and of course as I've already said its in grape. To be honest though I would repurchase or even get more of these I got them on a whim since they sounded cool and I was skeptical and just had to find out if they really did smell and how long that lasted. They actually cost or did at the time more then the price I pay for China Glaze another reason I wouldn't buy them, other then the quality, this isn't meant to be a review I just wanted to let you know they aren't really great or worth it just something cool to have. These are or were 3.99usd. I used Seche Vite to give it the shine it lacked and no base coat.

Sorry about the photo being a bit unfocused!

Are there Rue 21s' in Europe? Would you buy scented nail polish? Lastly what is your favorite polish? Mine is China Glaze Peachy Keen.

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Grape nail polish

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Super Soft Feet for the Rest of Summer


I know summer is coming to an end but its not to late to get super soft feet. This is also good for all year, I actually do this throughout the whole year. This also works on your hands too, I get terribly dry hands in the winter and this is one of the few things that help my. 

So what I do is I scrub my feet using this, I use salt instead of sugar on my feet and usually hands, but you can use either depending on how sensitive your skin is or how rough. After that I rinse off all the salt and then I apply a thick amount of lotion all over my feet and then put on socks, you can use lotion designed for feet or unscented lotion, but try to find a thick lotion, it works better.I do this before bed, that way they are super soft in the morning. I will say that this doesn't work the first time fully if your feet are really rough. I typically do this once a week, on Sundays to be exact.

I will also point out that if you do this after painting your nails, make sure they are fully dry, but if you got some on your skin this takes it off really easily.

Have you tried this before, does it work for you, are you going to try it.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Light makeup; "back to school" part one!


I'm only going to do two back to school looks; I don't personally like these because for me its not what I would wear since they are always light and barely there. That's not how I am so back to school post and videos aren't for me, I'm not a flats and no makeup type of girl, I like wearing heels pretty much daily to school, but every ones different. So I decided I would do two looks a light look for those who are younger and then something I would wear to school, and the best part is both looks are using the same eye shadows!

Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette, you need a skin tone shimmery shade and a matte one(you can use your setting powder), a bronze, and a dark brown, you don't have to use that palette though. The numbers of the shades I used were: # M004 Chamois Nude, # ME017 Light Apricot, and # S030 Cherry Chocolate.
Brown eyeliner
Either a bronze, white, or skin tone eyeliner, I used a bronze one.
Mascara, I actually didn't use any in this look because I didn't feel like putting any on when I was just going to take it off, but normally I would have.

First thing I did was put down some eye primer then set that. After I primed my lids I did a light wash of the skin tone shimmery shade. Next I blended the bronze color into my crease lightly so it wasn't very dark, lastly for the shadows I lightly blended the dark brown through my outer v and half way into the crease, and use the matte skin tone shade to make sure everything is blended and too highlight.

Then I lined my upper lash line mainly in my lashes, I smudged a bit on my outer corner and blended it out. After that I lined my lower lash line leaving my waterline untouched, I also blended that out too but not as much. I then lined my waterline and set it with the shimmery skin tone shade, while doing that I highlighted the inner corner too. Then apply mascara and you have a great natural look for either work, school, or anytime.

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Palette I used
Brushes, use code Save2012 for 10% off during August!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Defining Marker


I hauled this a while ago, you can check that out here if you want to see what other fun Wet n Wild products I got. So let me just start off by saying I love Wet n Wild products, I think they are a great brand, and for the price you can't get better. I really love eyeliners like this, I just think they're easy and sometimes I don't like spending much time on my eyeliner and this gets the job done fast. With all that said this was a great eyeliner, while it lasted. It was pigmented, the marker part was not too hard but yet not so soft either, it did what the website claimed it would, it was just great. The only down fall was after three times of me using this I could tell it was already drying out. Sure you can store it upside down to prolong this from happening but it still dries out faster then I would like, and even though it's only 2.99 I don't want to spend that much on a eyeliner that's going to dry out in three days, even if its cheap, for me to repurchase this every three days for a month that's around 30 dollars, it would be cheaper to get a high end one that is known to last four+ months, or even a different drugstore one.

Over all it a great liner but not worth since it dries out faster, I'd say skip this if you were thinking about getting it, I'm going to get the ELF one of these and do a review/comparison of these later on.

If you would still like to give this a try and see if you have better results you can get these at: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and I think Target also carries Wet n Wild. It's 2.99usd and can often be found on sale for less at most drugstores.

Sorry Wet n Wild, but this product was a fail for me, and I would not recommend this to anyone, not even if its for a one time use.

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Wet n Wilds website

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hand Bag Essentials, back to school/ in general


The zebra thing is my menstraul bag thing, I made it my self, I have a bag that goes with it too, random I know. Also this isn't nearly everything I carry just a good bit of it.
So as some may know I'm going into my Senior year of Highschool, and since it's getting close to back to school time, don't worry I won't do an extreme amount of back to school post unless someone wants me to, and I won't do one on school advice since every ones experience is different and it depends on how you take to school, but this is something I've been re-gathering this past week and next week and that is my back to school/ hang bag essentials, I only carry a hand bag during school months or when I need it during summer other then that I find it to much of a hassle, but I want to share my back to school essentials, these are on the beauty side of things but not really makeup since I don't carry much makeup to school or around in general. I might do a what's in my bag later this month or early September, but I haven't decided yet.

So lets just talk about the makeup I carry with me, I do have a few but not many, first is my favorite nude lipgloss, I have raved about this before its the Liquid Lipshine by NYC in Nude York City, I have a review which you can see here. This is great for me because most days I do wear a nude lip and I keep this one in my bag at all times, I have two; I love it that much! So this next thing is kind of a give in and  I'm sure we all already carry this around lip balm, I two maybe three, nothing special just something we all need. These last two things are for the eyes and that's black eyeliner and a travel size mascara, I have a travel size one cause I had gotten it for free once that's gone I will through a full sized one in there, if your interested in what I have its the Skyscraper in black by Urban Decay, I need to pick up the liner still but it will be in there, I'm just going to get the black on in the Color Icon line or an ELF one since they usually come with a sharpener in the cap, I'm not sure yet but I might through in an eyeshadow quad from ELF and mini angled brush to set it and a black liner but I'm not sure yet, that's only for my waterline on days I wear black on it which isn't often. This isn't necessarily makeup but goes under this category and that's blotting sheets, I have a pack of these in my makeup so it is something else I need to pick up still, as you will see I still have to pick up quite a few things. That's all for makeup, it may seem like a lot to some and nothing to others but I set my makeup in the morning and it tends to last me throughout the day, I also will through in my lipstick or liner I used that day too but these are just the things I keep in my bag and don't take out.

Now onto non makeup things, I'm just going to get this one out of the way now, I have I guess well call it the menstrual bag, I don't want to say period cause thats a bit crude, and then a makeup/essentials bag. In the essential bag I keep two tampons a a few pantie liners, and this is my suggestion and this may seem like a lot but it's always good to have more then you need then not enough, plus I don't know about everyone else but people always take mine so I have to carry a lot. So in my menstrual bag I carry this exact amount and suggest you carry the same but if your a pad person and only occasionally were tampons then switch what I say around so it works for you; I keep ten regular tampons, at least two super, five pantie liners and two pads, this is just what seems to fit and works for me, like I said I'm always giving them to others and I don't wear pads often but its always smart to carry some around to be safe. Also on the note of this I carry around pamprin in my essential bag.

Lets move on now, these are things I feel everyone should have. A compact mirror, travel size lint roller, pen and pencil, bobby pins at least four, two hair ties, at least four safety pins, nail clipper I have mini ones, this is optional I don't carry this but it might be smart to and that is tweezers, a lighter, brush this lays in my bag but its a mini one just to used and two big for the essential bag, band aids, cotton swabs, tissues, nail file, travel size body spray and deodorant,  hand sanitizer, travel size lotion, if you wear contacts travel size solution and an extra clean case.

Some essentials for me but not everyone, hairspray I find this important, hand wipes, a teasing comb, dry shampoo and mini baby powder, barrettes/ snap hair clips, clear nail polish just a cheap one this is so important for many things. Also for some this is another I don't do an extra of your favorite lipstick the shade you always go to and wear, its something I would do with a nude but I haven't found my perfect nude lip yet.

I hope this gave you some ideas or helped you in some way. Tell me what you carry in your bag, if you think I'm a crazy person who is overly prepared, I'm well aware this is a lot and much more then the average person, I'm a planner and like to be prepared for pretty much everything... Honestly this is just what I carry and find important, I'm sure I'm forgetting something, I'll update this if I need to and I'm not done getting all I need a few of those things are things I haven't picked up yet. I really do suggest getting as many travel size things you can to save space, but that's just a suggestion.

Keep in mind these are just things I think are necessary, these are my suggestions, not me telling you that you need all of this.
Please do tell me if there's anything you'd like to see, a picture day tutorial, back to school makeup, if there's something relating to this topic that you'd like to see please tell me and I'll try my best to create something for it, I do intend on doing a light makeup look for younger girls or those who don't wear much makeup and want to start. But please share with me what you'd like to see whither its back to school or not.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below! Also if there's anything else school related you'd like to me to talk well type about them do tell me, but I'm not going to get crazy into this unless there is something you would like to see. Also sorry for the poor grammar, it bothers me but it just works this way for this post.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mani Monday: Ballerina

This week I just wanted something pretty and natural but still there. I went with Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel in Ballerina, its a gorgeous soft pink that just leaves your nails looking natural but still pretty and polished. This polish is extremely sheer, it took three coats to get it that opaque, but I can still see the tips of my nails and a little white dot I have on my nails through the polish. This is great for someone who doesn't like bright colors or if you can't were them for work or school, its also a great anytime polish; good for summer, spring, fall and even winter because its so soft and natural. I didn't use any base coat but I did use top coat this week, which was Seche Vite as usual, but if you get this or have this or something similar using a white or a lighter pink that's opaque underneath will give it a gorgeous look, this is also a great polish to match shimmery top coats with.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

Nail polish 
Seche Vite, you can check out my review on this here.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Room Spray


Random photo, but I felt it went since we are talking about scents,
and its pretty.

So I hate room sprays you buy at stores, they're either to expensive or they smell terrible, and no matter the price they are always too strong for me. So to meet my standards I made my own; now this isn't mixing scents or anything like that; its very simple and doesn't take long. All you need is some body spray you like, personally I never wear body spray so I have no problem using one that I had, its better if you use a spray that's half gone, that way you're not wasting any of it. Now this is seriously so simple but its perfect cause it gives you a great smell and it's light a fresh, well fresh depending on the spray you use. I got mine at walmart so it was cheap but it still smells good, you can use any scent you like, I used cherry blossom because I like soft and fresh smells, but you can use vanilla or any scents you like. All you do is take a half full body spray that the lid twist off and fill it up, only put a half of the amount of water so its 3/4 the way filled the first time and if its still to strong fill it up the rest of the way, I only filled mine up 3/4 the way, but if your using a strong smell you may want to go a little more. This is great because its cheaper and I'm sure most everyone has a body spray they love but never use anymore or never did, you can also still use this and do this to body sprays you love but are just too strong. I find this last the same amount of time it would on your body or as a room spray but doesn't have that strong barely able to breath quality to it room sprays tend to have.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

My go to smokey eye, daytime smokey eye!

Sorry about the blurry lashes...
Some may disagree with me as to whither this is daytime appropriate but for me it is. This look is perfect for photography since its all matte; its actually the look I did for my Senior picture. It's a nice warm tone matte smokey eye, I personally would wear this to school, work, weddings, out, parties, and anywhere else. This is so simple and easy, it  takes under ten minutes to do but looks great! I also need to note this is darker in person then it photographs, I promise its dark smokey eye, but it doesn't want to come out the color it looks in person.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Made for Mocha by Maybelline, you can alter any of these products and use whatever you have. This was really cheap like under three dollars. This is just a dark warm brown.
I used the Coastal Scents 42 double stack matte palette, I used the white, black, and mid tone brown in the top right corner, you can check that out here and see all of the colors.
Black eyeliner
Maybelline Falsies mascara, expect to see this in this months favorites!

If you got the Urban Decay Smokey palette you can use that, it honestly would be perfect for this, but I'm not sure if those are mattes or not.

So the first thing I did as always was prime my eyes then set it with my face powder.

Next I used the mid tone brown shade, you can even use your bronzer for this I just prefer the way a mid tone brown looks over my bronzer, I blended this in my crease. After that I started packing on the dark brown shadow on my lid from the outer v and lash line into the rest of my eyelid. Then I blended it, this blends out very easily since we already put the crease color down, you just want to blend this into the shape you want.

Then I used an angled brush and black eyeshadow and made a line on my upper lash line then used a pencil brush to blend it, then I blended the dark brown shadow on my lower lash line. I then rimmed my eyes and set that.
My eyebrows really need done, sorry about that.

Lastly I lightly high lighted under my brow which blended out even more, and inner corner with the white and applied mascara.

Was that not so easy, it takes no time and my cat is playing with a roll of pennies I found in my room last week, she's so strange. This is a great smokey eye for the day or night and just looks gorgeous and sexy. You can use black over brown if you'd prefer. If you do use black you can use either the mid tone brown or gray either way looks good. You can also use shimmery shade if you'd prefer, usually I use a shimmery highlight, but keep in mind if you use this for photography keep it matte. 

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

Products links:
Single eyeshadow
42 double stack matte palette
Mascara, I think I'm going to review this in a few weeks and do a before and after picture.
Brushes, use SAVE2012 for 10% off during August and you get a free travel size eyeliner brush if you spend upwards of 30usd.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: ELF Eyelid Primer

Eyelid Primer - Sheer
I'm sure you have heard about this, and have heard it compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Well I'm going to share with you as to whither that's true and my other thoughts upon this, today. So before I say whither I found this to be the same or well work the same about as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, lets just discus my eyelid type, I know that sounds weird but I hate when people are talking about something and saying this sucks or this is wonderful but yet they don't say what their skin or hair is like; that really makes a difference and will help someone determine if it's good for them too.

So I have slightly oily eyelids, and my eyeshadow creases not too bad but still an annoying amount. So how I use this is by layering it; about three layers and then setting it with either my setting powder or a matte skin tone shade. This product is not the same consistency as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, the ELF Primer is very thin were the Urban Decay primer is much thicker so it takes less. Personally I would suggest this over the Urban Decay one and say give it a try is your new to the world of primers, one thing I will say is if your out of face primer or only need it for one spot you need it like say your cheeks to fill in big pores you can get any with using the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but since the ELF Primer is so thin it wouldn't work but it is great for what its made for which is the eyes.

If you don't have oily lids then one layer would do the trick, and if you have very oily lids I'd still recommend giving it a try since it's only a dollar but I would say layer it at least three times. I think this primer is best for non oily to slightly oily lids, and is a great alternative to the Urban Decay Primer Potion, it does prevent my shadow from creasing and makes it last all day so I would say go for this over the Urban Decay one. This can be found online at, Target, and any where else you can get ELF products. It's one dollar in the US and 1.50 pounds in the UK, I really do love this and I use this on day's I don't want to use my Urban Decay Primer Potion and often any tutorials I do since I just take it off afterwards and don't mind wasting it since it's so cheap. Another thing this would be great for just playing around with your makeup looks, when you want to use a primer but you don't want to waste your expensive primer. It comes in four colors, I have only tried the sheer and golden one and would suggest the sheer one over the golden one, the golden one isn't terrible but its not as good and it loses the color once I set it. This has lasted me over a year of on and off use. I have a hamster and as I write this its climbing up its water bottle and banging the water bottle on the wall of the tank she's in, its quite distracting and she keeps falling off of it. Back to what I was saying it works like the Urban Decay one but takes more effort then that one since you have to build it up but both need to be set first for me at least or they crease, I would suggest giving it a try if you haven't and if you have do share with me any tips you found work with it or your experiences with the products.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

I'm sorry if this is all over the place and a bit redundant, I was losing my focus a bit, over all I really do love this and suggest it.

You can check out this primer here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mani Monday: Lavender and news


Sorry for the messy nails.

I hope the title wasn't misleading, I decided I wanted to try newspaper nails, I only did an accent nail with it. I know this is pretty old but I have been meaning to give it a try for quite some time; as in over a year, and just never got around to it. Here is the link to were I originally learned how to do this, I used alcohol pads instead, but either way works, check that out here. The polishes I used were Luxe Lavender and Urban Gray both by Avon and in the Nailwear Pro+ nail enamel line. Unfortunately Urban Gray has been discontinued, but its just a nice muted light gray, similar to a newspaper. I painted all of my nails except the ring finger with the Luxe Lavender and the ring with the Urban Gray, I used Seche Vite and Seche Clear as my top and base coat, you can see the review I did on those here.

Nail polish

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spot Treatments

So I want to talk about spot treatments. I am luckily someone who doesn't get bad acne, but like everyone I do get the occasinal spot here and there. So these are the things I do to clear them up or at least make them less noticable.

First two weeks ago I did a post on an aspirin face mask, you can check that out here. This is not only a great mask but it's also a great spot treatment.

Next is the infamous toothpaste spot treatment, even though this is quite well known I wanted to talk a bit about it because most people just mention to put toothpaste on your spots never what kind. So you want to use a non gel and one thats non whitening. This is hard to find, but I know Colgate makes one and I'm sure dollar stores have off brands that are cheaper and do the job too. Now it is best to use one like that but the whitening half gel half paste do work too but not as well.

Next is a mix of honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. Depending on the amount of spots you have depends on the size but typically one teaspoon of honey, and a half teaspoon of each nutmeg and cinnamon does the job for me, you may want to add a full teaspoon of each nutmeg and cinnamon if thats not thick enough for your liking.

This one can be used as a spot treatment and a scrud. For a small amount only use a teaspoon of grinded sea salt and then add a little water to make it runny but not to runny you want a paste like consitancey so it stays on your face, sea salt is amazing for acne.

Lastly is baking soda spot treatment, just a teaspoon of baking soda and enough water to make it into a thick paste .

These are all simple and could be made into larger amounts for face mask, I would leave these one for 15 to 30 minutes and make sure you do these on a clean face. Please share how these work for you if you give any of them a try or have and any other spot treatments in a comment, I'll update thhis with any that are shared or if I find more.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Dramatic Lips


I have no concealer on, I was just taking this off after I took a
picture so I didn't feel like using any concealer, but normally I
would if I was wearing this out.
    Today I wanted to share with you the look I wear with dramatic lips like reds. This look is so simple; I didn't want to just share that with you so I decided I would share my favorite lip colors to wear with this look too.

Products used for the eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Eyeshadow in 130 Pixie
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells
Any black eyeliner, I used a pencil one from Avon, but you can use gel or liquid if you want and use what ever is easiest for you to use.
Any black eyeshadow
Maybelline Colossal mascara

You can use a different shadows, I really just wanted to show
you this since its cheap. I normally would have swapped out the
crease shade for something matte since all the shades are
shimmery, but you can use all mattes, all shimmers, or
a combo of both.
    First thing I do as always was prime my eyes, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion, if you don't have this nor want to pay that much for a primer when your not sure if you need it or not, I suggest using your concealer and then setting it with your setting powder instead of primer, I do this when I'm to lazy to grab my primer, the ELF primer is also nice and its only a dollar, I find layering that a few times, two or three layers. Last thing I want to talk about with primer is if you are using a primer like UDPP and still find that you get creasing try setting it with a powder, either your setting powder or a matte skin tone shade before applying your other shadows, I find this really helps. I didn't use primer for this, since I was just taking it off anyways but normally I do.

    Next I used the creme shadow, I only put this around the inner corner. I put the brow bone shade from the trio on top of the creme shadow, this is quite intense, if you don't want such a bright or strong inner corner highlight then don't use a creme shadow. I took a really light amount of this same shade and dusted it under my brows.

    Then I used the crease shade and blended it through my crease and outer v, I honestly just used this trio as it suggested. As you can guess I used the lid shade on my lid. I really like this trio its light, cheap and perfect for creating looks to go with dramatic lips.

    Lastly I applied the liner, I think winged liner looks best with simple looks so that's what I did, you can chose to do your liner however you want and as thin or thick as you'd like. I applied the creme shadow on to my waterline and blended the tiniest amount of black shadow from the edge of my wing on to the bottom of my lash line only a third of the way in then took a light and medium brown mixed together and blended that on the rest of the lash line leaving the inner part alone because that's were the highlight is. Then I set all of my liner and applied mascara. I didn't do my brows for this picture but normally I would do that now too.

   Some alternative shadows would be for the lid: Kitten by Stila, Mac Jest, anything that's a bit pink/peach and a frost/shimmer and light. For the crease: NYC Sunny Bronzer, Mac Bronze, anything that's a good mid tone brown. This could be shimmer or matte. Highlight: Mac Nylon, Mac Brule, something not to shimmery but not matte or something very shimmery. This should be a beige or champagne. These are alternatives not dupes.

     Now lets talk lipstick; I personally love red lips, I think anyone can pull them off and they are my favorite lip color to wear. These aren't all red but lets talk red lips for a little. If you are someone who thinks you can't pull a red lip of well that's because you haven't found your perfect red lip yet. I personally can't pull blue based reds off, I'm a warm and I need a yellow/orange based red; so take your undertones into consideration when looking for a red lipstick, if your warm look for orange/yellow based reds and if your a cool go for a blue based lipstick. If you don't want something as dramatic but still want the red lip look get a sheer lipstick or a red gloss, you still get the look but its not as intense. I think I'll make a post on how I do my stay all day red lip later. I do believe everyone should have a red lipstick in their collection and should feel confident and sexy wearing that red lip.

So here are my favorite dramatic lipsticks:

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick 520E Hot Paris Pink, just a bright hot pink, Mark Juicy Juleux a nice wine red or berry when sheered out, Avon Ultra Color Rich in U420 Poppy Love orangey red, NYC 308 Retro Red, a great orange based true red, and lastly from the Rimmel London Kate Moss line number 12 a nice orange shade. 

From left to right are: Mark Juicy Juleux, Mark Juicy Juleux lightly sheered out, NYC Retro Red(more orange in person, I don't know why its coming up pink it is a true red, but just a tad on the orange side), Wet n Wild 520E Hot Paris Pink, Avon Poppy Love, and Rimmel Kate Moss in 12(more orange in person)

I also wanted to add this red in too, this isn't my favorite, its a bit blue based but still nice on any skin tone and with any undertones. It's another Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, I really love these, its a shame they don't have all of them in the US, this one is number 01.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

Brushes, use the code SAVE2012 for 10% off during August!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Wet n Wild haul!

So I had bought these things on last Thursday and this most recent Tuesday. Wet n Wild isn't on sell for 40% off currently, or at least at my local Rite Aid, but it might be at yours, but I had two three dollar off coupons, and yes I could have waited till it was back on sale but I couldn't wait to get these five lipsticks from their spring collection, I do want to note that this is the focus point of my haul. Oh and something else I just want to mention to you all, I went to Burlington on Tuesday and was looking at their shoes hoping to find something like the Black Suede Jefferey Campbell Litas not them just something similar but instead I found Steve Madden Pammyy Wedges for 39.99usd! How amazing is that, so I advise you to check your local Burlington if you live near one, they might have some Steve Madden shoes and those shoes are originally 99.95usd so that's a 60% savings, I just wanted to share that amazing deal with you.

So lets just get right down to my favorite thing of these purchases the lipsticks, I just did a review on these, you can see that here. I got a total of six from the Mega Last Lip Color line, I seriously love these, you can read more about these though on my review. So the colors I got from right to left are, well first I have a Natural Blend Lip Shimmer in Tart this is a really pretty color and looks darker in the package then they show up of course since its a tinted lip balm, typically I avoid shimmer lip products but I really like this, sorry this got a little cut off but you can still see a bit of it. Then is 903C Just Peachy, all the rest of these are the Mega Last Lip Colors. The next ones are 968 Pinkerbell, 967 Dollhouse Pink, 966 Don't Blink Pink, 969 24 Carrot Gold, and lastly 965 Cherry Pinking. Sorry if the swatches don't do them justice. I compared the pink shades to Think Pink from the same line and they're all different but still very pretty.

Heres the names and a random picture of that lip shimmer:

If you live in the states or have Wet n Wild avalible, do give these a try, they are amazing and I can't rave about these enough, they are cheap and pigmenated!

You can read the names and the numbers, I personally love them all, and I don't think they are permanent since the only have numbers, except for the Just Peachy which is in the permanent line. Also there are six in the spring line, I only got five though.

Sorry for the tilted picture.

I mentioned this next product in my July favorites, you can see that here. I mentioned the Catwalk Pink shade in that and my last haul, I loved that one so I decided to pick up another two, there are for of them in total, a rose, pink highlighter, peach, and bronze shade, I now have them all except the bronze, which I will get one day but I don't feel the need to have that since I'm pale so that wouldn't be as good as the rest are for me. I got Spotlight Peach, this is more of a blush for me, the Catwalk pink is a total highlighter and the next one is Strike-A-Pose-Rose, these could be both or go either way if  depending on your skin tome, if you a medium to dark complexion this would be a great highlighter for you. I really like these and suggest them to those looking for a good cheap powder highlighter.

Lastly I got a few eye things, if you read my last haul you might remember me mentioning that I had wanted to pick up the trios in Walking on Eggshells(left) and I'm Getting Sun Burnt(right), but my closest Rite Aid was out of stock in both, I went to a different Rite Aid and they had both of them so I picked them up. I have a look coming up tomorrow featuring the Walking on Eggshells trio. These are the Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows by the way. In the middle of the trios in a Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner, in 886 Black, they only come in black and an eggplant shade, I haven't tried this yet but I'll review it after I have.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

This were all purchased by me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mani Monday on a Wednesday!? Peachy Keen with a Gold Sheen!

So I'm a little late. I did paint my nails mid day Monday and took the pictures also Monday, but I was busy Sunday, hence why this is late, typically I paint my nails Sunday and write the post that night so that I can have it wrote and scheduled to go up on Monday. But I was busy all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, but here is my nail color this week.

First I want to state that the Blue Me Away by Sally Hansen stained my fingers while taking it off so if you see blue that's why and that it did stain my nails a bit too, so that wasn't too great. This week I went with my current favorite polish, China Glaze Peachy Keen, I love this color its so great for summer and even winter and fall. On top of this I put an Avon polish, these are my favorite non salon brand polishes, they are usually on sale for 3usd, so they're cheap too, the color I have on top of this is Pale Gold, this is discontinued, sorry about that. I like this combo but I do like these alone more, but the Pale Gold which I don't want to talk about too much since it's discontinued, but if you come across it , it makes a great over coat, it looks best in my opinion on pale pinks, I think it would look good on black too. Also I'm sure you've all seen Peachy Keen  and  I have had this  in a past Mani Monday, is a nice mid tone peach, its not pale but not really bright. It really is a gorgeous color, and I think you should check it out.

I used my typical base and top coat, Seche Clear and Seche Vite. Which I did review, you can see that here.

China Glaze

Review: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color


Picture from
and not even the shades I mention, but it still gives you a feel for what the packaging looks like, they also have clear cylinder lids with a flat/curved top.
     I got onto my computer to write this, its 11:14 est if you were curious and its 7/28/12 and I opened the Internet I have SO many tabs that come up, its sad and within the time of deleting them all I forgot what I was getting on the Internet for, but all is well because I remembered and that was to share with you my love for the Mega Last Lip Color by Wet n Wild. So far, or at least of the time of me writing this I have three, it only takes two of one product unless its foundation, concealer, or a setting powder for me to establish an opinion on it; I feel you can't judge a product with only giving one a try since that one could have been the not so great one of the collection. Anyways, I mumble a lot, I like to think it adds personality and humanness to my blog. I love these lipsticks, now they aren't pretty if you don't moisturize your lips first for at least five minutes before adding the lipstick or if you have dry chapped lips. I have them in 901B Think Pink, 907C Mauve Outta Here, and lastly 903C Just Peachy. I just realised this will be my first post of August, and these will be in my July favorites which will be yesterday, its like the future meeting the past so confusing to type. I'm so sorry for me being side tracked, seriously on to the review now.

     I had gotten the 901B Think Pink shade while in search of a pale pink, if your pale give a pale pink a try; a lot of people say it looks terrible on pale people but I think it looks really good so I recommend this shade to those with pale to light skin. These lipsticks aren't drying unless you don't moisturize your lips first. I recommend applying lipbalm first before you do your makeup to insure your lips really soak it in and get as much moisture as possible around the time you apply your moisturizer. 907C Mauve Outta Here is a really gorgeous pinkie mauve and the next one I bought, I featured it and the Think Pink shade in my most recent haul which you can see here. I really like both of these colors alone or mixed together and they look great with and without gloss, you know its a good color when it looks great without gloss too. Lastly I have 903C Just Peachy, I'm a sucker for names that involve peach, like Peachy Keen by China Glaze favorite polish for its name and of course its gorgeous color. This is a pink peach so its very wearable, I like mixing this with the Think Pink shade to make a nice pink coral, but its gorgeous on its own too, I find Wet n Wild always make their peach products more pink then peach.
    These are opaque, have a good lasting power maybe three to four hours, which is good seeing they are under three dollars and they come in 26 shades ranging from nudes and pinks to reds and dark purples. Personally I don't believe they have a smell but it could just be me. I like these much more then their Silk Finish lipsticks which are mostly shimmer lipsticks were these are matte, which does mean they will sit in lines and cracks and look even worse on chapped lips but for me I find yet again moisturizing your lips solves the problems; this really is something you should do before any lipstick though. These don't feather(that's without lip liner) and they don't really move much either, they don't slide of my lips and onto my teeth like some lipsticks.

     These cost around 1.99 to 2.99 usd and can be found at Rite Aid, some Wal Marts, Walgreens, CVS, and I think Targets and Kmarts but I'm not sure. Rite Aid always has 40% off Wet n Wild so just look around for a good deal, but either way these are still a great price.

     Overall these are great lipsticks and I would recommend them to everyone, they are cheap, have a decent color selection, have no scent, are often on sale, have a nice finish, and they are amazing lipsticks. If you can get your hands on Wet n Wild I do recommend giving these a try.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below. Also do they sell Wet n Wild in the UK?

I actually saw that Temptalia reviewed these or one of them and she gave it an A-, heres the link if you want to check it out and haven't yet.

This is not sponsored, all opinions are my own, I bought these with my own money and I really do love them.