Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Room Spray


Random photo, but I felt it went since we are talking about scents,
and its pretty.

So I hate room sprays you buy at stores, they're either to expensive or they smell terrible, and no matter the price they are always too strong for me. So to meet my standards I made my own; now this isn't mixing scents or anything like that; its very simple and doesn't take long. All you need is some body spray you like, personally I never wear body spray so I have no problem using one that I had, its better if you use a spray that's half gone, that way you're not wasting any of it. Now this is seriously so simple but its perfect cause it gives you a great smell and it's light a fresh, well fresh depending on the spray you use. I got mine at walmart so it was cheap but it still smells good, you can use any scent you like, I used cherry blossom because I like soft and fresh smells, but you can use vanilla or any scents you like. All you do is take a half full body spray that the lid twist off and fill it up, only put a half of the amount of water so its 3/4 the way filled the first time and if its still to strong fill it up the rest of the way, I only filled mine up 3/4 the way, but if your using a strong smell you may want to go a little more. This is great because its cheaper and I'm sure most everyone has a body spray they love but never use anymore or never did, you can also still use this and do this to body sprays you love but are just too strong. I find this last the same amount of time it would on your body or as a room spray but doesn't have that strong barely able to breath quality to it room sprays tend to have.

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