Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Wet n Wild haul!

So I had bought these things on last Thursday and this most recent Tuesday. Wet n Wild isn't on sell for 40% off currently, or at least at my local Rite Aid, but it might be at yours, but I had two three dollar off coupons, and yes I could have waited till it was back on sale but I couldn't wait to get these five lipsticks from their spring collection, I do want to note that this is the focus point of my haul. Oh and something else I just want to mention to you all, I went to Burlington on Tuesday and was looking at their shoes hoping to find something like the Black Suede Jefferey Campbell Litas not them just something similar but instead I found Steve Madden Pammyy Wedges for 39.99usd! How amazing is that, so I advise you to check your local Burlington if you live near one, they might have some Steve Madden shoes and those shoes are originally 99.95usd so that's a 60% savings, I just wanted to share that amazing deal with you.

So lets just get right down to my favorite thing of these purchases the lipsticks, I just did a review on these, you can see that here. I got a total of six from the Mega Last Lip Color line, I seriously love these, you can read more about these though on my review. So the colors I got from right to left are, well first I have a Natural Blend Lip Shimmer in Tart this is a really pretty color and looks darker in the package then they show up of course since its a tinted lip balm, typically I avoid shimmer lip products but I really like this, sorry this got a little cut off but you can still see a bit of it. Then is 903C Just Peachy, all the rest of these are the Mega Last Lip Colors. The next ones are 968 Pinkerbell, 967 Dollhouse Pink, 966 Don't Blink Pink, 969 24 Carrot Gold, and lastly 965 Cherry Pinking. Sorry if the swatches don't do them justice. I compared the pink shades to Think Pink from the same line and they're all different but still very pretty.

Heres the names and a random picture of that lip shimmer:

If you live in the states or have Wet n Wild avalible, do give these a try, they are amazing and I can't rave about these enough, they are cheap and pigmenated!

You can read the names and the numbers, I personally love them all, and I don't think they are permanent since the only have numbers, except for the Just Peachy which is in the permanent line. Also there are six in the spring line, I only got five though.

Sorry for the tilted picture.

I mentioned this next product in my July favorites, you can see that here. I mentioned the Catwalk Pink shade in that and my last haul, I loved that one so I decided to pick up another two, there are for of them in total, a rose, pink highlighter, peach, and bronze shade, I now have them all except the bronze, which I will get one day but I don't feel the need to have that since I'm pale so that wouldn't be as good as the rest are for me. I got Spotlight Peach, this is more of a blush for me, the Catwalk pink is a total highlighter and the next one is Strike-A-Pose-Rose, these could be both or go either way if  depending on your skin tome, if you a medium to dark complexion this would be a great highlighter for you. I really like these and suggest them to those looking for a good cheap powder highlighter.

Lastly I got a few eye things, if you read my last haul you might remember me mentioning that I had wanted to pick up the trios in Walking on Eggshells(left) and I'm Getting Sun Burnt(right), but my closest Rite Aid was out of stock in both, I went to a different Rite Aid and they had both of them so I picked them up. I have a look coming up tomorrow featuring the Walking on Eggshells trio. These are the Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows by the way. In the middle of the trios in a Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner, in 886 Black, they only come in black and an eggplant shade, I haven't tried this yet but I'll review it after I have.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

This were all purchased by me.

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