Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hair Mask

Who doesn't want soft, shiny and silky hair? This mask will help you achieve gorgeous hair with just a few simple things.

A ripe banana
1/2 cup of plain yogurt, I use Greek but any will work
1 egg
1 tablespoon of honey

Mash the banana up then mix in the other ingredients until you have a paste. Apply to your hair roots up and to roots and massage into scalp. Let sit for at least an hour then wash out. This adds moisture to your hair, plus the banana and honey makes your hair smell amazing. You can add in a little coconut or olive oil to the mixture if you need more moisture to your hair.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite fall looks


I have been super busy this week and didn't have time to make a post till now and barely have time to do this, so if this makes no sense at all from time to time that's why, although I do that naturally too. Back on topic I wanted to share my favorite fall looks from other people whither they are on blogs or youtube. Be warned a lot of these are going to be either dark or involve red; those are my favorite looks for fall.

This first one is a pretty recent video from icallitambrosia, it's a really gorgeous brown smokey eye with gold, check it out here. I love smokey eyes, and this one is no exception.

This one is another recent video from goldiestarling, it's actually a Halloween look but the eye alone would make a gorgeous smokey eye for fall, although I wouldn't personally use the gold in it but it's still stunning even with the gold. Check it out here. This is a Halloween look so the face part isn't very fall themed or wearable but the actual makeup its self is.

Another smokey eye, this one is by MakeupbyTiffanyD, it's on here blog although she does have video for it too. This one is an emerald smokey eye, it has to be one of the most gorgeous smokey eyes I have ever seen, it's definitely worth checking out, you can see that here.
I told you I love cranberry and smokey looks so what's better then the two combined? This look is on the makeupgeek website but is by a blogger Jangsara, I couldn't find the look on her site so I'm just going to link you to the one on you can check it out here. This one is more cranberry where the other one that I previously mentioned had plum in it too.
For this last one I wanted to include a classic look that's great all year but one of my favorites for the fall and winter. This one is a simple red lip and winged liner, you can not go wrong with this look, it's always in style and a timeless look. You can check it out here, it's by Lookers Blog.
I figured I would link you to a few of the looks I have on my blog that are good for fall well I'm sharing a few of my favorites from others. Classic smokey eye,  brown smokey eye, copper and orange so I'm telling you this is great for fall and it is I love copper for fall, I have a look coming up soon like this but more red, well anyways I have this titled as a summer look and now I'm saying it's a good fall look, hah, and lastly cranberry eye look.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your makeup this fall, if there are any blog post you love or have written about a fall look share it below, I would love to see them! Does it bother you when post have no pictures? If it does please tell me, I often do this and always wonder if anyone is irritated by the lack of photos.

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Sorry for any grammar mistakes, spell check doesn't want to work and I am not always a perfect speller.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NOTD: Vintage Boutique

Yet again another late nail post, I wanted something fall, I love fall I feel like everyone who is into beauty and fashion says that but it has always been my favorite season. Last week I mentioned that I may be done with these and I still am unsure if this will be the last one or not, I will definitely replace these post with something else for Mondays. So this week I chose to use Vintage Boutique, its a gorgeous fall color, I'm not always the biggest fan of brown but there is something about this brown that I just love, it reminds me of fall and hot chocolate, which I do categorize as a fall item. I don't know how to even begin to explain this brown, it seems to me like it has purple in it and at the same time it seems like it doesn't and is more of a taupe or mushroom brown. It's an Avon polish, part of their Nailwear pro+ nail enamel line, and I do believe this is only sold around now, but I may be wrong about that.

My blog is being part of a "competition", I would really appreciate if you would vote for me, its under the best new blogger category. It's a really great way to find some awesome blogs too.

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Nail polish:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall face mask

To start fall off with a good start I decided to share with you a fall themed face mask. This face mask is moisturizing and great for all skin types; it leaves your skin with a gorgeous glow!

1 tablespoon of Canned or cooked pumpkin
1 teaspoon of Honey
1/2 teaspoon of Milk

To make this into an exfoliater you can add in 1-2 tablespoons of sugar either brown or normal cane sugar. For oily skin you can add 1/2 of cranberry juice.

Mix all the ingredients together then put gently apply to your face, let set for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards rinse off with warm water. If you added the sugar, rub it into your face for around 2 minutes after it has sat on your face for 10-15 minutes, you will have to add a little bit of warm water to make it exfoliater easily, then just rinse off like normal.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Classic Smokey Eye


If you read my last post then you probably already know that I did this look using mainly the Fall Festival palette by Coastal Scents, if not you can check that out here. I honestly could have this palette and no others and be just fine, it's my favorite palette. I have done a brown smokey eye, a purple one and depending on how you view my style of make up a cranberry one too. I just love smokey eyes, I think they are one of the sexiest things a women can do, but they can be the hardest thing and just end up looking like a hot mess! You can use any colors, matte or shimmer for this look.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet n Wild Cream Eyeliner(review/comparison coming soon)
Fall Festival palette by Coastal Scents; colors: M023 Gunmetal, M004 Chamois Nude, ME017 Light Apricot
Matte mid tone brown, you could use a gray instead of brown, I think that would look nicer on cool skin tones.

Mascara and/or false lashes

First thing I did way prime my eyes, then set that with a powder, this step is really important. Setting your primer not only prevents creasing more but makes for a smoother eyeshadow application. At this point I also used the tape method and put it a little down from the corner of my eye to the end of my eyebrow.

Next I blended the mid tone brown into my crease and packed the black onto my lid, if you find you have a hard time getting a dark enough color using brushes try packing on the color with your fingers. Then I blended this out, the black blends out easily due to the brown we already placed into the crease. Then I used a matte skin tone shade to highlight and blend out all the edges even more. Also I didn't use the black on my entire lid, I left the inner third free and filled that in when I highlighted my inner corner. Lastly apply mascara, false lashes, take the tape off and clean up any fall out.
I lined my upper and lower lash line along with my tight and water line. After I did that I set my liner and blended some black onto my lower lash line with a pencil brush. This is when I highlighted my inner corner

I don't use blush when I do smokey eyes or I use a very pale pink, I also pair this with a nude lip.

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Fall Festival Palette
Cream Eyeliner
Brushes, use code SB2012 for 10% off during September!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review; Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette


I have several post talking about this palette and one coming Friday; I will link them below. I decided to review this since fall starts this week and this is one of my favorite palettes and is fall inspired. I personally consider this to be a neutral palette, it does have a few colors a blue/purple, bright orange, and two greens. I consider the red/cranberry shades to be neutrals but that's just me. You also get a black with red shimmer, bronze, both a matte and shimmery skin tone, a copper and a dark brown.

There are 12 eye shadows, one matte and the rest are either shimmery or metallic. All of the shades are gorgeous and pigmented. They blend easily and you can create so many looks with this palette; it is so versatile, I have made at least eight that I can easily think of. The best thing about it is its price. This palette is only 12.95usd; that's less then a two dollars for one eyeshadow! I would say these are just as good as Urban Decay and better then any shadow you'll get at the drugstore. They aren't extremely powdery but do have a tad bit of fall out do to the pigmentation. I really would suggest this palette, you can create so many fall look, and even though its a fall inspired palette you can create some gorgeous summer looks too. The actual palette its self it big, sturdy and has a huge mirror which is great for travel.

Overall I think this palette is beyond amazing, its cheap and highly pigmented. The only down fall is that it's only sold online. They have other premade palettes like this which are part of their Hot Pots and you can also design your own palette for a little more money but still much less then say a MAC palette, but I really do suggest you check this one out, I use this as much as my Naked palette if not more.

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Coastal Scents
Fall Festival Palette

Monday, September 17, 2012

Delayed Mani Monday; Awakening


Since this week fall starts I wanted to paint my nails in a fall themed color. I picked this up a while ago and featured it in a haul, which you can see here. I was debating on what color to get when I had bought this polish and prior to getting this I heard that it was like a sunset on your nails and it really is. I think this is a beautiful polish but I'm not sure if I would repurchase it, I'm glad to have it in my collection but I don't see myself getting a lot of use out of it. This polish is called Awakening and its by China Glaze. It's like a purple/orange/rust/pink in one depending on the angle. Its a unique and gorgeous polish, and I do suggest checking it out because its so different and even though I'm not in love with it you might end up loving it. The picture I used only captures the purple side but seriously you need to check this out in person. I used Seche Vite as my top coat, no base I find I don't hate it when it isn't paired with a base coat but I'm still not blown away by it,.; thankfully its almost gone! Since I'm almost done with that top coat I want to know what your favorite top coat is, I need to pick up a new one soon.

Also I know I've been late/ not posting much lately and I'm sorry about that, I'm trying and hopefully I can start getting more post out and back on schedule. I also may not be able to do these Mani Monday post anymore, but will try to replace them with something else, but I am not sure if I will or will not be able too, I'll know for next weeks hopefully.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rue 21 Perfumes

This one is my favorite.

I wanted to talk about these perfumes with you, I figured I would just make a review out of it. I'm not going to even go into scents because that is such a hard thing to suggest to someone or review since we are all different with scents. I know I usually review makeup but I really do love these and want to share my thoughts with you.

I love these perfumes, the only thing about they're scents I'm going to say is they all come off to me as sweet, but I really do like them. These perfumes are only sold at Rue 21 stores and outlets, they are 10usd, they only come in one size; which is 1.7oz. These last so long though, not just the bottle but on you. They remind me of the Escada perfumes, since they so sweet, but from what I've been told those fade away really fast. Honestly these last on me all day, they have qualities of a high end perfume and they are only ten dollars.

These are really great for people who like perfume over body splash, want something that's going to last all day, and that's cheap. I honestly recommend these to everyone, they aren't a sophisticated scent or a mature scent but they are really great for the price and they have really cute packaging, it doesn't look as nice as high end perfumes but its is cute and not extremely cheap looking. I really do suggest everyone to just smell them at least. These are also good for teenagers who want a good selection of perfumes but can't afford to buy a lot of high end perfumes, they would make good gifts for teens too. I will say these are more for people around 14-24, but anyone could wear them they just have a teenager/ young adult quality.

The only down fall of them in my opinion is that you can only get these at Rue 21, but other then that they are great, and affordable.  

Have you tried these before, do you like them, and what ones have you tried?

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Rue 21, they seem to have gotten rid of a few, but are always coming out with new ones.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dry Shampoo


I use the Suave Dry Shampoo but sometimes I run out of it and have to improvise. So these are a few of the things I do to take the place of dry shampoo, you could do these all the time instead of just every once in a while instead of using a dry shampoo. I find these tend dry my scalp out if I use them always instead of dry shampoo.

Baby powder/talc powder; this can sometimes leave a white look around but usually it doesn't and I have pretty dark hair and this doesn't leave a white look around, as long as I really work it in to my hair. I suggest trying to get one that isn't made with talc but it will be fine if you use a talc based baby powder.

This one is for brown hair, coco powder; you don't want this to have sugar at all, you use the baking kind. This blends very well into brown hair, but I wouldn't use this on dark brown hair or black.

Baking powder or soda; this works just like the baby powder.

Corn starch; I would say to not use this for brown hair or black hair, but this would be good for blond hair.

You can use a bit of hair spray where you put the powders to give the volume that a dry shampoo would give you. This also doesn't have alcohol in it so its not as drying to your hair and scalp, I will say that I wash my hair every other day so this doesn't dry my scalp out unless I go more then two day, I hope that makes sense.

Do you know of any other substitutes for dry shampoo?

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ELF vs Wet n Wild; pen eyeliners


First I want to say sorry this is late and that I didn't have really any post last week or until now today, I have been super busy lately. These post might be up a few hours later then normal along with Fridays post, Sunday and Monday should stay the same though. So I decided that I wanted to do a little review series, a elf vs Wet n Wild comparison/review, they are both cheap lines but I know I get sucked into these brands due to their price and then get disappointed when I buy multiple products that aren't so great, when its just a dollar or two it's not a big deal but it really does start to build up and personally I feel bad for throwing away products even though I know they wont get any use so I decided I would compare the two brands and I was planning on doing this a when I first reviewed the Wet n Wild marker liner and figured I could just make a series out of it.

So I already reviewed the Wet n Wild version, which you can see here.

So lets jump right into comparing the to, the elf liner has lasted longer, I've had it for two weeks and it hasn't even started to show signs of drying out. Both liners have good pigmentation and lasting ability. The elf one pretty much a third of the price, being 1.00usd where the Wet n Wild liner is 2.99usd. The tip of the Wet n Wild one is a little thicker and seems to be more stiff but yet more sturdy then the elf one. I had seen reviews on this saying the very tip of the marker part got flimsy; this did happen to mine but it was so little that I just pulled it off and its all good now. Also they both had the same lasting time on my eyes. Lastly the elf liner comes in eight color options, the Wet n Wild liner only has two.

Overall I would get the elf one, the elf one isn't as available as the Wet n Wild one but you can also get it outside out North America easily. The price difference isn't much but I would personally rather get a better product for less. This one is better for those who haven't used these liners before too.

I do want to note that elf can be inconsistent with their quality so my experiences and yours may vary.

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Wet n Wild review
Elf liner
Wet n Wild liner

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mani Monday: Blossom


I wanted a good transitioning into fall color this week, so I went with this pretty pinkish red color by Avon called Blossom which is a discontinued color they had for fall a year or two ago. With that being said I know I've seen colors pretty much exactly like this one from Sinful Colors and OPI, pretty much every nail polish company has something similar. I think this would look really nice paired with a brown, mauve brown or taupe. I just used a top coat this week which was Seche Vite, and last week that top coat got "dirty" it just looked filthy and I have no clue how that happened since I'm not the type of person to even let my hands get dirty, it was really strange and just wouldn't wash off.

Sorry for the really messy nails, I honestly just painted them and typed this up a few minutes before it was posted and usually I do this the night before, I've been so busy hence the few blog post this week.

Also the polish is a bit more pink tones in person not as bright.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Hair Detangler

So I was have extremely tangley hair, I was looking for a DIY hair detangler I could make and then share with you. I can never seem to find any that aren't for kids, too overpriced and that work. I'm not opposed to buying detangler made for kids but I find they don't work or I can't get past their scent, and some even way my hair down. So I went on a search for a DIY hair detangler, the one I found and am going to share with you is so simple and could double as a leave in condition.

What you need:
Spray bottle, you want a small bottle
Conditioner, your favorite scented one or whatever one you have, I used a Herbal Essence one
Water, not tap, either distilled or hot water

All you do is take you spray bottle fill it up about 3/4 the way then add in about an 1/8 of a cup of conditioner, this will vary on the size of your bottle but you want it to be a small bottle and use around one cup of water. After everything is in the bottle just shake it up, once the cap is on of course! This not only is cheap, uses stuff you already have but you can make its not limited to a scent.

How I use it is, after I towel dry my hair I spray a good bit in mainly at the ends. After its mostly dry I just brush my hair out with a paddle brush or a wide tooth comb and my hair is less tangled and it makes my hair softer.

Whats that not so simple, and if you try it I'm sure you'll agree much better then the ones you get at the store!

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below! Are there any face mask you've heard of or a specific problem either hair, nails, or skin, you'd like a DIY mask or treatment for?