Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to get white haired brushes stain free!


I love white haired brushes, but I hate how even after you clean them it still looks like they are dirty! I know I personally don't like my white brushes to look like they still have eye shadow in them even though they don't. Since these are natural fibers usually, I personally don't want to use alcohol on these; so this is how I get all the color out of my white brushes. **This works for me but I'm not promising it will for you, but its worth a try.**
This is incredibly simple but an overlooked thing; this is a time consuming thing but not to bad, only about twenty minutes. So what I do is soak my white haired brushes in hot and soapy water for twenty minutes and then I just wash them like I normally would. You only want to use enough water to cover the hairs, you don't want it to get in the ferrule. This is so simple but yet it works and even though it takes some time, you can do this first and while those brush soak, just wash your other brushes. For stained synthetic brushes you can do the same thing or you can use alcohol, this is great for both face such as foundation and concealer brush and stained brushes.

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