Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to school makeup part 2!

Like I said no mascara, and the liner was
more noticeable in person.
You may have seen my last look, you can see that (put in link). As I said in that post light makeup isn't really for me, but I know that's what people like for school so that's what most people do; am I the only one who doesn't enjoy back to school looks since they are too light? Since I don't like to wear light, barely there makeup I decided to do a darker but still very wearable look using all of the same products as the last look! This look is actually more simple then the last one.

Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette, you need a skin tone shimmery shade and a matte one(you can use your setting powder), a bronze, and a dark brown, you don't have to use that palette though. The numbers of the shades I used were: # M004 Chamois Nude, # ME017 Light Apricot, and # S030 Cherry Chocolate.
Brown eyeliner
Either a bronze, white, or skin tone eyeliner, I used a bronze one.
Mascara, I actually didn't use any in this look because I didn't feel like putting any on when I was just going to take it off, but normally I would have.

First as always I primed my lids and set that, then I put the bronze shade on my lid and blended it into the crease also. I then took the dark brown shade and blended it into my outer v and half way into my crease. I blended all of the edges and highlighted my brow bone with the matte shade, last for the shadows I highlighted my inner corner with the shimmery skin tone.

Now onto liner I did a line on my upper lash line tapering it inwards; for some reason you can really see it in the pictures but in person it was quite noticeable and dark. I then lined my lower lash line and half of my water line with the shame dark brown liner. I used the bronze liner on the rest of my lash line and water line where the brown wasn't. I set the brown with of course a brown and the bronze with the color I used on my lids. Lastly just apply mascara.

This look is noticeable, but still very wearable. It's good for school, work, the rest of summer, or anytime.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

Palette I used
Brushes, use code Save2012 for 10% off during August!

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