Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hand Bag Essentials, back to school/ in general


The zebra thing is my menstraul bag thing, I made it my self, I have a bag that goes with it too, random I know. Also this isn't nearly everything I carry just a good bit of it.
So as some may know I'm going into my Senior year of Highschool, and since it's getting close to back to school time, don't worry I won't do an extreme amount of back to school post unless someone wants me to, and I won't do one on school advice since every ones experience is different and it depends on how you take to school, but this is something I've been re-gathering this past week and next week and that is my back to school/ hang bag essentials, I only carry a hand bag during school months or when I need it during summer other then that I find it to much of a hassle, but I want to share my back to school essentials, these are on the beauty side of things but not really makeup since I don't carry much makeup to school or around in general. I might do a what's in my bag later this month or early September, but I haven't decided yet.

So lets just talk about the makeup I carry with me, I do have a few but not many, first is my favorite nude lipgloss, I have raved about this before its the Liquid Lipshine by NYC in Nude York City, I have a review which you can see here. This is great for me because most days I do wear a nude lip and I keep this one in my bag at all times, I have two; I love it that much! So this next thing is kind of a give in and  I'm sure we all already carry this around lip balm, I two maybe three, nothing special just something we all need. These last two things are for the eyes and that's black eyeliner and a travel size mascara, I have a travel size one cause I had gotten it for free once that's gone I will through a full sized one in there, if your interested in what I have its the Skyscraper in black by Urban Decay, I need to pick up the liner still but it will be in there, I'm just going to get the black on in the Color Icon line or an ELF one since they usually come with a sharpener in the cap, I'm not sure yet but I might through in an eyeshadow quad from ELF and mini angled brush to set it and a black liner but I'm not sure yet, that's only for my waterline on days I wear black on it which isn't often. This isn't necessarily makeup but goes under this category and that's blotting sheets, I have a pack of these in my makeup so it is something else I need to pick up still, as you will see I still have to pick up quite a few things. That's all for makeup, it may seem like a lot to some and nothing to others but I set my makeup in the morning and it tends to last me throughout the day, I also will through in my lipstick or liner I used that day too but these are just the things I keep in my bag and don't take out.

Now onto non makeup things, I'm just going to get this one out of the way now, I have I guess well call it the menstrual bag, I don't want to say period cause thats a bit crude, and then a makeup/essentials bag. In the essential bag I keep two tampons a a few pantie liners, and this is my suggestion and this may seem like a lot but it's always good to have more then you need then not enough, plus I don't know about everyone else but people always take mine so I have to carry a lot. So in my menstrual bag I carry this exact amount and suggest you carry the same but if your a pad person and only occasionally were tampons then switch what I say around so it works for you; I keep ten regular tampons, at least two super, five pantie liners and two pads, this is just what seems to fit and works for me, like I said I'm always giving them to others and I don't wear pads often but its always smart to carry some around to be safe. Also on the note of this I carry around pamprin in my essential bag.

Lets move on now, these are things I feel everyone should have. A compact mirror, travel size lint roller, pen and pencil, bobby pins at least four, two hair ties, at least four safety pins, nail clipper I have mini ones, this is optional I don't carry this but it might be smart to and that is tweezers, a lighter, brush this lays in my bag but its a mini one just to used and two big for the essential bag, band aids, cotton swabs, tissues, nail file, travel size body spray and deodorant,  hand sanitizer, travel size lotion, if you wear contacts travel size solution and an extra clean case.

Some essentials for me but not everyone, hairspray I find this important, hand wipes, a teasing comb, dry shampoo and mini baby powder, barrettes/ snap hair clips, clear nail polish just a cheap one this is so important for many things. Also for some this is another I don't do an extra of your favorite lipstick the shade you always go to and wear, its something I would do with a nude but I haven't found my perfect nude lip yet.

I hope this gave you some ideas or helped you in some way. Tell me what you carry in your bag, if you think I'm a crazy person who is overly prepared, I'm well aware this is a lot and much more then the average person, I'm a planner and like to be prepared for pretty much everything... Honestly this is just what I carry and find important, I'm sure I'm forgetting something, I'll update this if I need to and I'm not done getting all I need a few of those things are things I haven't picked up yet. I really do suggest getting as many travel size things you can to save space, but that's just a suggestion.

Keep in mind these are just things I think are necessary, these are my suggestions, not me telling you that you need all of this.
Please do tell me if there's anything you'd like to see, a picture day tutorial, back to school makeup, if there's something relating to this topic that you'd like to see please tell me and I'll try my best to create something for it, I do intend on doing a light makeup look for younger girls or those who don't wear much makeup and want to start. But please share with me what you'd like to see whither its back to school or not.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below! Also if there's anything else school related you'd like to me to talk well type about them do tell me, but I'm not going to get crazy into this unless there is something you would like to see. Also sorry for the poor grammar, it bothers me but it just works this way for this post.

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