Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Seche Vite and Seche Clear


   I feel like I have said a few times I was going to do this but have postponed it till now, I will say this is not a nice review but it is my honest opinion and one hundred percent the truth, I'm not trying to bash the company just let you know how I feel and give you my opinion, please don't take this as anything other then what it is an honest review, I will always give my honest view on a product whither its bad or good and this product is extremely hyped up and I wanted to share my thoughts on it to those of you who want to know if this lives up to the hype or have seen me state before that I do not like these and wondered why, if you do not like reviews that "dis or bash" a product then by all means do not read this, I just wanted to be honest and share that these aren't hype worthy.

   So I purchased the top coat Seche Vite due to all the hype among YouTube. I had gotten the base coat, Seche Clear, too because I needed a base coat and when I purchased the top coat Sally Beauty Supply was having a sale on them which was buy Seche Vite and get the Seche Clear base coat free. I thought this was a really good deal; which is was had the products lived up to the hype they portray. I honestly expected these to be magical; due to all the hype Seche Vite receives I thought my polish no matter the brand would last the whole week or close to it without little chip. Now lets go over a few things: first I only paint my nails once a week, those beauty gurus paint their nails every three days, now I'm not bashing them nor am I saying they all do but personally I believe any top coat will work fine and you wont indore much chipping if you don't leave your polish on for that long. Now I honestly still would have purchased this had I thought about the fact most only wear their polish three days. This top coat is shiny but won't protect your polish from chipping. Second this is an expensive top coat, I don't believe it's worth the 8.50usd it cost, now keep in mind that it's more expensive over in the UK, I think they are double the price, to me for the price it better make my nail polish last longer, sadly it didn't effect the nail polish, I will say that if I was using a cheap nail polish that had a thin formula it made it more like a normal polish such as Sally Hansen or China Glaze and therefore postponed the chipping of those polishes but not by much. I want to note that what your about to read is posted straight from the Seche website; "Seche Vite™ dry fast top coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling." Now I want to point out the base coats are meant to prevent staining and to me I don't personally see how something I put on top off my nails will alter what it does the my nails that are under something else. I don't understand why they are talking about it being a base coat when it's a top coat, it says on the bottle, Fast Dry Top Coat, not fast dry base and top coat. I can honestly vouch this will not protect your nails from chipping, peeling, and staining. It honestly is not all its made out to be and I would honestly advise you to not purchase this, but with that being sad I want to say that others may have had better experiences with this and that there are a few good this about this those would be its extremely shiny and that it dries fast. Please do comment below telling me your experiences and thoughts about this top coat.

    Now onto the base coat, Seche Clear also dries fast but it is noted to do that, I just want to put that out there. This isn't anything special, its not terrible, neither is the top coat, if I lead you to believe it was from above, but its not spectacular like people make Seche products out to be nor is it even that great, its not the best but it's not the worst. This will not protect your nails from chipping or staining, which is one of the reasons your wear a base coat. I don't really wear one to do more then prevent staining and help prolong the chipping, I don't get ridges in my nails but from what I can tell this wouldn't help those who do. I had a little dent a while back in my nail and this did nothing to smooth it over, now I will say that the dent was pretty deep; so it may help those with shallow ridges in their nails.

    To me these aren't  great products nor are they terrible, it's nothing I would repurchase and it's something I would pass on but I will continue using them till they're all gone. Over all these aren't as great as they are made out to be, I am not very hard on my nails, I just said on Monday I was but I'm not like terrible on them but at the same time I'm not easy on them, I hope you get what I mean. These are average they really wont protect your nails and make then as hard a steel, (this is about to become extremely random), I feel as though I'm spelling that wrong which is sad cause I live near Pittsburgh, the steel city and our football team is the Steelers that's what makes me feel confident I'm not, but I don't really know, so for the randomness, its late, and I just want to get this written before morning. So I would say if you've been thinking of trying Seche because of all you hear about them pass on it, or if your considering spending the money on them but not sure then pass, I really hope at least one person found this help full. Also do keep in mind this was just my experience, the average consumer who lives an average life and even though they should use their nails as tools they do and someone who as you all know only paints their nails once a week, I also want to state I don't use nail polishes like OPI, Butter London and other high end polishes, I use Avon, China Glaze and Sally Hansen and these are my experiences with average affordable polishes. You may love these and have had or will have a different experience with them but to me they weren't anything special and I just want to let you know my opinion on them and hopefully prevent someone from being disappointed like me about these. If you made it this far please share with me your thoughts on these and what your all time favorite top coat is or if your like me and still in the search for one. They do have new polish which I'm curious to see the quality of, so if I can find them and depending on the price I will pick one or two up and let you all know how they are.

Thanks for reading this ubber long post, please leave any request down below, I promise I'll try to make my next review shorter, I just had a lot to say about these.

These were not sent to me, I purchased these myself, I did however receive a discount on these like I do on all products I purchase at Sally Beauty Supply because my mom has a Pro discount. I also received the base coat free due to a promotion they were having at the time, this however does not reflect my opinion on these what so ever. This review is my one hundred percent honest opinion like my reviews always are and always will be.

Seche Vite
Seche Clear


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  4. oh thank you, for honesty. So much are not how they are hyped int eh billions of dollar industry of beauty products. When I was younger , I would be more shy and less prone to take things back; however the amount of waste adds up and too many woman go with the 'social glitz' on a product and not the absolute and a few others, are helping me make good choices before buying..I had heard this was a 'from above' product too ,online..another i feel is so-so is essie good to go..i just got it..and i like NYC topcoat much better,,NYC dries fast, protects very well and gives amazing shine..far better than essie good to go and we never know huh? ty so much..