Friday, August 3, 2012

Dramatic Lips


I have no concealer on, I was just taking this off after I took a
picture so I didn't feel like using any concealer, but normally I
would if I was wearing this out.
    Today I wanted to share with you the look I wear with dramatic lips like reds. This look is so simple; I didn't want to just share that with you so I decided I would share my favorite lip colors to wear with this look too.

Products used for the eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Eyeshadow in 130 Pixie
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells
Any black eyeliner, I used a pencil one from Avon, but you can use gel or liquid if you want and use what ever is easiest for you to use.
Any black eyeshadow
Maybelline Colossal mascara

You can use a different shadows, I really just wanted to show
you this since its cheap. I normally would have swapped out the
crease shade for something matte since all the shades are
shimmery, but you can use all mattes, all shimmers, or
a combo of both.
    First thing I do as always was prime my eyes, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion, if you don't have this nor want to pay that much for a primer when your not sure if you need it or not, I suggest using your concealer and then setting it with your setting powder instead of primer, I do this when I'm to lazy to grab my primer, the ELF primer is also nice and its only a dollar, I find layering that a few times, two or three layers. Last thing I want to talk about with primer is if you are using a primer like UDPP and still find that you get creasing try setting it with a powder, either your setting powder or a matte skin tone shade before applying your other shadows, I find this really helps. I didn't use primer for this, since I was just taking it off anyways but normally I do.

    Next I used the creme shadow, I only put this around the inner corner. I put the brow bone shade from the trio on top of the creme shadow, this is quite intense, if you don't want such a bright or strong inner corner highlight then don't use a creme shadow. I took a really light amount of this same shade and dusted it under my brows.

    Then I used the crease shade and blended it through my crease and outer v, I honestly just used this trio as it suggested. As you can guess I used the lid shade on my lid. I really like this trio its light, cheap and perfect for creating looks to go with dramatic lips.

    Lastly I applied the liner, I think winged liner looks best with simple looks so that's what I did, you can chose to do your liner however you want and as thin or thick as you'd like. I applied the creme shadow on to my waterline and blended the tiniest amount of black shadow from the edge of my wing on to the bottom of my lash line only a third of the way in then took a light and medium brown mixed together and blended that on the rest of the lash line leaving the inner part alone because that's were the highlight is. Then I set all of my liner and applied mascara. I didn't do my brows for this picture but normally I would do that now too.

   Some alternative shadows would be for the lid: Kitten by Stila, Mac Jest, anything that's a bit pink/peach and a frost/shimmer and light. For the crease: NYC Sunny Bronzer, Mac Bronze, anything that's a good mid tone brown. This could be shimmer or matte. Highlight: Mac Nylon, Mac Brule, something not to shimmery but not matte or something very shimmery. This should be a beige or champagne. These are alternatives not dupes.

     Now lets talk lipstick; I personally love red lips, I think anyone can pull them off and they are my favorite lip color to wear. These aren't all red but lets talk red lips for a little. If you are someone who thinks you can't pull a red lip of well that's because you haven't found your perfect red lip yet. I personally can't pull blue based reds off, I'm a warm and I need a yellow/orange based red; so take your undertones into consideration when looking for a red lipstick, if your warm look for orange/yellow based reds and if your a cool go for a blue based lipstick. If you don't want something as dramatic but still want the red lip look get a sheer lipstick or a red gloss, you still get the look but its not as intense. I think I'll make a post on how I do my stay all day red lip later. I do believe everyone should have a red lipstick in their collection and should feel confident and sexy wearing that red lip.

So here are my favorite dramatic lipsticks:

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick 520E Hot Paris Pink, just a bright hot pink, Mark Juicy Juleux a nice wine red or berry when sheered out, Avon Ultra Color Rich in U420 Poppy Love orangey red, NYC 308 Retro Red, a great orange based true red, and lastly from the Rimmel London Kate Moss line number 12 a nice orange shade. 

From left to right are: Mark Juicy Juleux, Mark Juicy Juleux lightly sheered out, NYC Retro Red(more orange in person, I don't know why its coming up pink it is a true red, but just a tad on the orange side), Wet n Wild 520E Hot Paris Pink, Avon Poppy Love, and Rimmel Kate Moss in 12(more orange in person)

I also wanted to add this red in too, this isn't my favorite, its a bit blue based but still nice on any skin tone and with any undertones. It's another Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, I really love these, its a shame they don't have all of them in the US, this one is number 01.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

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