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At Home Exfoliater

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       So keeping on the Olive Oil theme, I'm going to tell you all about my favorite at home exfoliater. This is quite a well known at home exfoliater, all you need is two things for this Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive oil is very moisturizing for your skin as well as your hair, you can also use almond or coconut oil if you don't have olive oil, and the molecules in it are too big to clog your pores so it is perfectly safe to put on your face and either brown sugar if you have sensitive skin, white sugar for those with normal skin, or sea salt, finely milled, this is good for acne prone skin that isn't sensitive because the sea salt can be a little more harsh on your skin but will help dry out your blemishes and clear them up. Of course using organic ingredients is best but not necessary. Sugar or salt scrubs are very popular facial scrubs you can buy at stores like Lush and through other skin care companies, but why not just make it your self for much less then they sell them.

      So you want it to be two parts sugar, or salt and one part oil. If your just making this for your face to use then I suggest using tablespoons, so two tablespoons sugar or salt and one tablespoon of oil, if making for your body use half cups instead of tablespoons. When I make this I like to use one part sugar and one part salt, you can also mix in some honey or make it one part sugar one part oil if you would like a more liquidy exfoliater. Then you just mix that together, you want to store this in a jar of some type of container with a lid and keep it in the fridge, this last about a week or two and can be used on your face and body. If you use salt do not use it on your body after you just shaved. I suggest using this twice a week for normal skin, once a week for oily and three times a week for dry skin.

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