Thursday, August 23, 2012



I went shopping on Tuesday to pick up a few things for school and ended up getting more then school supplies. I also had to pick up a few things that will be at the end.

Lets get into the makeup I bought, I went to Target and while I was there I picked up a few ELF things.

I picked up a Mist and Set spray, black liquid liner, and a pen/marker liner; I'm going to review/compare that to the Wet n Wild one in a week or two. I picked up a concealer from their essential line in Apricot Beige, then two studio line brush thee complexion and blush brush, these are both so soft and didn't shed at all during the first wash. Lastly I got a thing of their blotting sheets and a pressed powder in Ivory. I also ordered a Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Rosegold and received it on Monday and didn't think to include it in with the things I got at target.

I went to Sally's after target to get something that is at the end; well there I picked up a pair a red mini Tweezerman tweezers, a mini powder brush just to throw in my bag and a China Glaze polish in Awakening, now that I'm shifting towards fall color it was hard to pick ones I liked since I have colors similar to theirs. I had heard of Awakening and how unique it was and that it supposedly looks like a sunset on you nails, it really is and does, its kind of a purple shade with orange; jut check it out its really pretty and different.

This was sent to me for doing something, I'm going to make a post sometime in October all about why and how and whatever else applies to that. Its a gorgeous quad although for Lancome I was bit disappointed. Like I said or typed I'll talk more about that later. Sorry for the not so great pictures. 

I needed a makeup mirror, because I decided I wanted to move my makeup in to my room and out of the bathroom since that's supposedly bad for your makeup and everyone hates when I spend so much time in the bathroom getting ready. This is nothing special just something beauty related that I needed and got so figured I'd share. A little update on Wednesday the light already stopped working I'm going to switch out the batteries and if that doesn't work take it back and replace it with a Revlon or maybe it was Remington one they had but I didn't get because it was a bronze/blackish color.

Second to last, Hot Rollers, the are by Jilbere and were on sale for 42.99, I actually paid sale price instead of discounted, this is the real reason I went to Sally Beauty Supply.  Another Wednesday update, I tried these this morning and so far I love them they heat up pretty fast under three minutes and have more then enough clips and rollers and they are gentle and leave my hair looking great! I would so far really suggest these.

Lastly, this is actually the first this I bought on Tuesday but I was saving it for last, I know this has been out for a long time but every time I go to buy it, I always talk myself out of it and do something else with the money so this time I just went right in to Sephora and bought it, I didn't give myself a chance to reconsider, I am really glad that I finally bought it though since I had wanted it for a long times.
I just got this off of the Sephora website since it wouldn't photograph well in the flash and even without it just wasn't working.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!
I bought everything myself with either my money or my mothers, with the exception of the Lancome quad.


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