Friday, August 17, 2012

Light makeup; "back to school" part one!


I'm only going to do two back to school looks; I don't personally like these because for me its not what I would wear since they are always light and barely there. That's not how I am so back to school post and videos aren't for me, I'm not a flats and no makeup type of girl, I like wearing heels pretty much daily to school, but every ones different. So I decided I would do two looks a light look for those who are younger and then something I would wear to school, and the best part is both looks are using the same eye shadows!

Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette, you need a skin tone shimmery shade and a matte one(you can use your setting powder), a bronze, and a dark brown, you don't have to use that palette though. The numbers of the shades I used were: # M004 Chamois Nude, # ME017 Light Apricot, and # S030 Cherry Chocolate.
Brown eyeliner
Either a bronze, white, or skin tone eyeliner, I used a bronze one.
Mascara, I actually didn't use any in this look because I didn't feel like putting any on when I was just going to take it off, but normally I would have.

First thing I did was put down some eye primer then set that. After I primed my lids I did a light wash of the skin tone shimmery shade. Next I blended the bronze color into my crease lightly so it wasn't very dark, lastly for the shadows I lightly blended the dark brown through my outer v and half way into the crease, and use the matte skin tone shade to make sure everything is blended and too highlight.

Then I lined my upper lash line mainly in my lashes, I smudged a bit on my outer corner and blended it out. After that I lined my lower lash line leaving my waterline untouched, I also blended that out too but not as much. I then lined my waterline and set it with the shimmery skin tone shade, while doing that I highlighted the inner corner too. Then apply mascara and you have a great natural look for either work, school, or anytime.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

Palette I used
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