Monday, August 20, 2012

Mani Monday; Grape


I picked this up over a year ago at Rue 21, on black Friday if you care to know. This polish isn't the greatest but it works, two coats does the trick, I know it doesn't last too long but I can't remember how long it last since I haven't worn it much for that reason. This is a gorgeous pinkish purple with glitter. It's a total neon so it does go on matte but that can be easily fixed with a bit of top coat. The best thing about this polish is that it's scented! Yay, its a scented polish, hence the name of this post, Grape. It seriously smells like grapes, the scent last maybe three no more then four days even with a top coat on you nails, how awesome is that!? I only bought this due to the fact it claimed to be scented and it really is, I also have a neon yellow that's coconut scented. This is the Rue Beaut brand and it doesn't have a name necessarily more of a scent to classify it, and of course as I've already said its in grape. To be honest though I would repurchase or even get more of these I got them on a whim since they sounded cool and I was skeptical and just had to find out if they really did smell and how long that lasted. They actually cost or did at the time more then the price I pay for China Glaze another reason I wouldn't buy them, other then the quality, this isn't meant to be a review I just wanted to let you know they aren't really great or worth it just something cool to have. These are or were 3.99usd. I used Seche Vite to give it the shine it lacked and no base coat.

Sorry about the photo being a bit unfocused!

Are there Rue 21s' in Europe? Would you buy scented nail polish? Lastly what is your favorite polish? Mine is China Glaze Peachy Keen.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

Grape nail polish


  1. Lovely colour! You should check my latest blog post I got inspiration from you and mentioned you.


    1. Thank you, I'll definitely check it out :)