Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spot Treatments

So I want to talk about spot treatments. I am luckily someone who doesn't get bad acne, but like everyone I do get the occasinal spot here and there. So these are the things I do to clear them up or at least make them less noticable.

First two weeks ago I did a post on an aspirin face mask, you can check that out here. This is not only a great mask but it's also a great spot treatment.

Next is the infamous toothpaste spot treatment, even though this is quite well known I wanted to talk a bit about it because most people just mention to put toothpaste on your spots never what kind. So you want to use a non gel and one thats non whitening. This is hard to find, but I know Colgate makes one and I'm sure dollar stores have off brands that are cheaper and do the job too. Now it is best to use one like that but the whitening half gel half paste do work too but not as well.

Next is a mix of honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. Depending on the amount of spots you have depends on the size but typically one teaspoon of honey, and a half teaspoon of each nutmeg and cinnamon does the job for me, you may want to add a full teaspoon of each nutmeg and cinnamon if thats not thick enough for your liking.

This one can be used as a spot treatment and a scrud. For a small amount only use a teaspoon of grinded sea salt and then add a little water to make it runny but not to runny you want a paste like consitancey so it stays on your face, sea salt is amazing for acne.

Lastly is baking soda spot treatment, just a teaspoon of baking soda and enough water to make it into a thick paste .

These are all simple and could be made into larger amounts for face mask, I would leave these one for 15 to 30 minutes and make sure you do these on a clean face. Please share how these work for you if you give any of them a try or have and any other spot treatments in a comment, I'll update thhis with any that are shared or if I find more.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

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