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Review: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color


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and not even the shades I mention, but it still gives you a feel for what the packaging looks like, they also have clear cylinder lids with a flat/curved top.
     I got onto my computer to write this, its 11:14 est if you were curious and its 7/28/12 and I opened the Internet I have SO many tabs that come up, its sad and within the time of deleting them all I forgot what I was getting on the Internet for, but all is well because I remembered and that was to share with you my love for the Mega Last Lip Color by Wet n Wild. So far, or at least of the time of me writing this I have three, it only takes two of one product unless its foundation, concealer, or a setting powder for me to establish an opinion on it; I feel you can't judge a product with only giving one a try since that one could have been the not so great one of the collection. Anyways, I mumble a lot, I like to think it adds personality and humanness to my blog. I love these lipsticks, now they aren't pretty if you don't moisturize your lips first for at least five minutes before adding the lipstick or if you have dry chapped lips. I have them in 901B Think Pink, 907C Mauve Outta Here, and lastly 903C Just Peachy. I just realised this will be my first post of August, and these will be in my July favorites which will be yesterday, its like the future meeting the past so confusing to type. I'm so sorry for me being side tracked, seriously on to the review now.

     I had gotten the 901B Think Pink shade while in search of a pale pink, if your pale give a pale pink a try; a lot of people say it looks terrible on pale people but I think it looks really good so I recommend this shade to those with pale to light skin. These lipsticks aren't drying unless you don't moisturize your lips first. I recommend applying lipbalm first before you do your makeup to insure your lips really soak it in and get as much moisture as possible around the time you apply your moisturizer. 907C Mauve Outta Here is a really gorgeous pinkie mauve and the next one I bought, I featured it and the Think Pink shade in my most recent haul which you can see here. I really like both of these colors alone or mixed together and they look great with and without gloss, you know its a good color when it looks great without gloss too. Lastly I have 903C Just Peachy, I'm a sucker for names that involve peach, like Peachy Keen by China Glaze favorite polish for its name and of course its gorgeous color. This is a pink peach so its very wearable, I like mixing this with the Think Pink shade to make a nice pink coral, but its gorgeous on its own too, I find Wet n Wild always make their peach products more pink then peach.
    These are opaque, have a good lasting power maybe three to four hours, which is good seeing they are under three dollars and they come in 26 shades ranging from nudes and pinks to reds and dark purples. Personally I don't believe they have a smell but it could just be me. I like these much more then their Silk Finish lipsticks which are mostly shimmer lipsticks were these are matte, which does mean they will sit in lines and cracks and look even worse on chapped lips but for me I find yet again moisturizing your lips solves the problems; this really is something you should do before any lipstick though. These don't feather(that's without lip liner) and they don't really move much either, they don't slide of my lips and onto my teeth like some lipsticks.

     These cost around 1.99 to 2.99 usd and can be found at Rite Aid, some Wal Marts, Walgreens, CVS, and I think Targets and Kmarts but I'm not sure. Rite Aid always has 40% off Wet n Wild so just look around for a good deal, but either way these are still a great price.

     Overall these are great lipsticks and I would recommend them to everyone, they are cheap, have a decent color selection, have no scent, are often on sale, have a nice finish, and they are amazing lipsticks. If you can get your hands on Wet n Wild I do recommend giving these a try.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below. Also do they sell Wet n Wild in the UK?

I actually saw that Temptalia reviewed these or one of them and she gave it an A-, heres the link if you want to check it out and haven't yet.

This is not sponsored, all opinions are my own, I bought these with my own money and I really do love them.

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