Sunday, August 19, 2012

Super Soft Feet for the Rest of Summer


I know summer is coming to an end but its not to late to get super soft feet. This is also good for all year, I actually do this throughout the whole year. This also works on your hands too, I get terribly dry hands in the winter and this is one of the few things that help my. 

So what I do is I scrub my feet using this, I use salt instead of sugar on my feet and usually hands, but you can use either depending on how sensitive your skin is or how rough. After that I rinse off all the salt and then I apply a thick amount of lotion all over my feet and then put on socks, you can use lotion designed for feet or unscented lotion, but try to find a thick lotion, it works better.I do this before bed, that way they are super soft in the morning. I will say that this doesn't work the first time fully if your feet are really rough. I typically do this once a week, on Sundays to be exact.

I will also point out that if you do this after painting your nails, make sure they are fully dry, but if you got some on your skin this takes it off really easily.

Have you tried this before, does it work for you, are you going to try it.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

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