Friday, July 13, 2012

Copper and Orange, Summer look

Hello there :)

I have been so busy this week that I haven't had time to create a look and do all that goes into all of that; hence why there was no Mani Monday this week, my nails are still the same color as they were last week, I never do this. Any ways Since I couldn't do a look, sorry to be redundant, I decided I would just do a walk through and thoroughly tell you how I create the look from my EOTD I had posted a while ago. This is a perfect look for green or hazel eye(if you want the green to pop). This is a very easy look that's great for day time, summer and it uses very few products.

So the products I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette shades, Hot Pot # M004 Chamois Nude, # ME003 Bright Copper, # ME026 Deep Cantaloupe, # S030 Cherry Chocolate, and # ME023 New Penny. I also used # M023 Gunmetal to set my liner its a black with red sparkles.
ELF Cream Eyeliner, review
Maybelline The Colossal Lash, I think that's what it's called.

Palette and the colors I used, the one in black I would have used to highlight my inner corner but I forgot to, that color was  # ME017 Light Apricot.

So the first thing I did was apply primer, then I dusted shade # M004 Chamois Nude, which is a matte skin tone shade, it matches my skin perfectly.

After that I applied # ME003 Bright Copper(light shimmery copper shade, I think its a bit pink but that might just be me) to the first third of my lid, then I applied # ME026 Deep Cantaloupe(bright shimmery orange) to the rest of my lid, and lightly blended everything out and reapplied the colors to make them more bright.

I blended # ME023 New Penny(gorgeous shimmery copper shade, its darker and more brown then the shade used in the inner third of the lid) into my crease, this added definition and blended the other shades out more, keep in mind every time you blend you lose some of the color on your lid so always reapply the shades on you lid, I do this at the end usually.

The last thing I did with the shadows, other then set my liner was applying # S030 Cherry Chocolate into my outer v and blending it into my crease, but only half way. I blended this out with the # ME023 New Penny shade. Finally I highlighted and blended everything out with the # M004 Chamois Nude, I used a matte to highlight since there's so much shimmer on the rest of the eye, but you can use a shimmer if that's your thing, I had forgotten to highlight my inner corner with  # ME017 Light Apricot but I would have.

I applied my liner, I did a wing and then lined my water and tight line, all with a black liner and set with # M023 Gunmetal(black with red shimmer). Then I applied my mascara and that was it.

It's much brighter in person, but still very wearable and great for summer :)
Thanks for reading, next week there will be an actual tutorial up :) Please leave and request down below!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette
Elf Cream Eyeliner
Brushes: use code AP2012 for 10% off during July.

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