Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review; Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette


I have several post talking about this palette and one coming Friday; I will link them below. I decided to review this since fall starts this week and this is one of my favorite palettes and is fall inspired. I personally consider this to be a neutral palette, it does have a few colors a blue/purple, bright orange, and two greens. I consider the red/cranberry shades to be neutrals but that's just me. You also get a black with red shimmer, bronze, both a matte and shimmery skin tone, a copper and a dark brown.

There are 12 eye shadows, one matte and the rest are either shimmery or metallic. All of the shades are gorgeous and pigmented. They blend easily and you can create so many looks with this palette; it is so versatile, I have made at least eight that I can easily think of. The best thing about it is its price. This palette is only 12.95usd; that's less then a two dollars for one eyeshadow! I would say these are just as good as Urban Decay and better then any shadow you'll get at the drugstore. They aren't extremely powdery but do have a tad bit of fall out do to the pigmentation. I really would suggest this palette, you can create so many fall look, and even though its a fall inspired palette you can create some gorgeous summer looks too. The actual palette its self it big, sturdy and has a huge mirror which is great for travel.

Overall I think this palette is beyond amazing, its cheap and highly pigmented. The only down fall is that it's only sold online. They have other premade palettes like this which are part of their Hot Pots and you can also design your own palette for a little more money but still much less then say a MAC palette, but I really do suggest you check this one out, I use this as much as my Naked palette if not more.

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Coastal Scents
Fall Festival Palette

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