Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite fall looks


I have been super busy this week and didn't have time to make a post till now and barely have time to do this, so if this makes no sense at all from time to time that's why, although I do that naturally too. Back on topic I wanted to share my favorite fall looks from other people whither they are on blogs or youtube. Be warned a lot of these are going to be either dark or involve red; those are my favorite looks for fall.

This first one is a pretty recent video from icallitambrosia, it's a really gorgeous brown smokey eye with gold, check it out here. I love smokey eyes, and this one is no exception.

This one is another recent video from goldiestarling, it's actually a Halloween look but the eye alone would make a gorgeous smokey eye for fall, although I wouldn't personally use the gold in it but it's still stunning even with the gold. Check it out here. This is a Halloween look so the face part isn't very fall themed or wearable but the actual makeup its self is.

Another smokey eye, this one is by MakeupbyTiffanyD, it's on here blog although she does have video for it too. This one is an emerald smokey eye, it has to be one of the most gorgeous smokey eyes I have ever seen, it's definitely worth checking out, you can see that here.
I told you I love cranberry and smokey looks so what's better then the two combined? This look is on the makeupgeek website but is by a blogger Jangsara, I couldn't find the look on her site so I'm just going to link you to the one on you can check it out here. This one is more cranberry where the other one that I previously mentioned had plum in it too.
For this last one I wanted to include a classic look that's great all year but one of my favorites for the fall and winter. This one is a simple red lip and winged liner, you can not go wrong with this look, it's always in style and a timeless look. You can check it out here, it's by Lookers Blog.
I figured I would link you to a few of the looks I have on my blog that are good for fall well I'm sharing a few of my favorites from others. Classic smokey eye,  brown smokey eye, copper and orange so I'm telling you this is great for fall and it is I love copper for fall, I have a look coming up soon like this but more red, well anyways I have this titled as a summer look and now I'm saying it's a good fall look, hah, and lastly cranberry eye look.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your makeup this fall, if there are any blog post you love or have written about a fall look share it below, I would love to see them! Does it bother you when post have no pictures? If it does please tell me, I often do this and always wonder if anyone is irritated by the lack of photos.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, spell check doesn't want to work and I am not always a perfect speller.

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