Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dry Shampoo


I use the Suave Dry Shampoo but sometimes I run out of it and have to improvise. So these are a few of the things I do to take the place of dry shampoo, you could do these all the time instead of just every once in a while instead of using a dry shampoo. I find these tend dry my scalp out if I use them always instead of dry shampoo.

Baby powder/talc powder; this can sometimes leave a white look around but usually it doesn't and I have pretty dark hair and this doesn't leave a white look around, as long as I really work it in to my hair. I suggest trying to get one that isn't made with talc but it will be fine if you use a talc based baby powder.

This one is for brown hair, coco powder; you don't want this to have sugar at all, you use the baking kind. This blends very well into brown hair, but I wouldn't use this on dark brown hair or black.

Baking powder or soda; this works just like the baby powder.

Corn starch; I would say to not use this for brown hair or black hair, but this would be good for blond hair.

You can use a bit of hair spray where you put the powders to give the volume that a dry shampoo would give you. This also doesn't have alcohol in it so its not as drying to your hair and scalp, I will say that I wash my hair every other day so this doesn't dry my scalp out unless I go more then two day, I hope that makes sense.

Do you know of any other substitutes for dry shampoo?

Thanks for reading, please leave any request down below!

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