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My liner looked better in person, I promise! Also the flash washes it out a bit, its darker then this but not insanely darker.
    So lately I've been busy and in order for me to get a look out there and for it to be good and just getting all the steps is a lot with me being busy so until then I'm going to be just doing walk throughs. This week I wanted to share this look with you, its a wearable cranberry look. I'm a neutral girl and to me this is wearable. This is also a good way to wear red tones without looking crazy.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette, the shades I used are,  M004 Chamois Nude, ME017 Light Apricot, S017 American Rose,  ME015 Raisin Berry, and S030 Cherry Chocolate
NYC Sunny Bronzer
Avon Glimmerstick in Brown Chocolate
Maybelline Colossal mascara

     First thing I did as I always do is prime my eyelids, then I set that with the M004 Chamois Nude, which I also use later to highlight and blend out the edges. After that I use Sunny Bronzer from NYC in the crease, you can use any mid tone matte brown that you like for your crease, this just helps with blending out the cranberry shades and gives some subtle definition to your crease.

    Next I added the ME017 Light Apricot shade to my inner corner and the first third of my lid. Then I use the S017 American Rose shade on the middle third of my lid and then the ME015 Raisin Berry on the outer half. In between each shade I blend them together in the middle by using my finger and going back and forth in between them.

     After that I blend out the shades, to do this I take a fluffy brush and tap it in lightly into my bronzer and the S017 American Rose shade and using a swiping motion back and forth through my crease. Then after I blend out everything I take a big fluff brush and use the M004 Chamois Nude to highlight  my brow bone and blend out even more.

     Lastly I line my waterline and tightline with a brown liner and I add a little into my lashes on the top and bottom lid and use the S030 Cherry Chocolate shadow and set my liner and blend out liner that's in my lashes. Finally I apply my mascara, do my brows and clean up any fall out. Typically when I do this look I only wear bronzer as a blush and highlighter, along with a nude lip or pale pink lip.


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