Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ELF vs Wet n Wild; pen eyeliners


First I want to say sorry this is late and that I didn't have really any post last week or until now today, I have been super busy lately. These post might be up a few hours later then normal along with Fridays post, Sunday and Monday should stay the same though. So I decided that I wanted to do a little review series, a elf vs Wet n Wild comparison/review, they are both cheap lines but I know I get sucked into these brands due to their price and then get disappointed when I buy multiple products that aren't so great, when its just a dollar or two it's not a big deal but it really does start to build up and personally I feel bad for throwing away products even though I know they wont get any use so I decided I would compare the two brands and I was planning on doing this a when I first reviewed the Wet n Wild marker liner and figured I could just make a series out of it.

So I already reviewed the Wet n Wild version, which you can see here.

So lets jump right into comparing the to, the elf liner has lasted longer, I've had it for two weeks and it hasn't even started to show signs of drying out. Both liners have good pigmentation and lasting ability. The elf one pretty much a third of the price, being 1.00usd where the Wet n Wild liner is 2.99usd. The tip of the Wet n Wild one is a little thicker and seems to be more stiff but yet more sturdy then the elf one. I had seen reviews on this saying the very tip of the marker part got flimsy; this did happen to mine but it was so little that I just pulled it off and its all good now. Also they both had the same lasting time on my eyes. Lastly the elf liner comes in eight color options, the Wet n Wild liner only has two.

Overall I would get the elf one, the elf one isn't as available as the Wet n Wild one but you can also get it outside out North America easily. The price difference isn't much but I would personally rather get a better product for less. This one is better for those who haven't used these liners before too.

I do want to note that elf can be inconsistent with their quality so my experiences and yours may vary.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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