Sunday, July 8, 2012

Super Soft Smooth Lips

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    So do you suffer from chapped lips all year round, or just feel as though your lips aren't soft enough, or maybe you just want plumper lips and for your lipstick to go on smoother? I know I want all of those things so this is what I do everyday twice a day. When I brush my teeth I brush my lips too, this gets rid off all the dead skin making your lips smoother and looking bigger! I do this every time I brush my teeth, at night I put something like Aquaphor on my lips which gives them so much moisture well I sleep and my lips are extremely smooth and soft when I wake up, you could use any thick lip balm or Vaseline if you don't have Aquaphor, Carmex chapstick which also helps add a lot of moisture to your lips and is really nice. In the morning before I do my Makeup I brush my teeth and do the same for my lips but instead of using something so thick I put on a normal lip balm that has SPF, this is not only protects your lips but keeps them super soft. I let the lip balm set on my lips for at least five minutes before putting any lip products on. This is what I do to keep my lips soft and smooth, and it really does work. So give this a try, it really helps and makes a difference.

I also wanted to mention that the homemade exfoliater I made a post about not that long ago, you can see it here, is also good to use on your lips.   

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Get brushes here:, use code AP2012 for 10% off during July!

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