Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Coastal Scents 42 Double stack palette

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        So this weeks review is on a Coastal Scents palette. A lot of people talk about the Coastal Scents 88 palettes, I have yet to give one of those a try, but I feel as though this palette has gone under the radar and a lot of people haven't noticed it or given it a try. Coastal Scents is a website that sells affordable palettes and other makeup products such as brushes, single products not just palettes and customizable palettes. I really do suggest checking them out and giving some of their products a try if you haven't yet. Now onto the actual review.

       So I purchased this palette in December along with the Fall Festival palette, and 22 pierce brush set, let me know below if you'd like a review on either of those products. This palette comes with 32 eye shadows and 10 blushes. All eye shadows and blushes have great color pay off and there is a good color selection. Most of the blushes are pinks but there is an orange, redish, bronze(not matte), and dusty mauve color. There is one shimmer color in the palette the light blue, and the black has a bit of shimmer in it too but it comes of matte when swatched and on the eye. These shadows blend easily and for matte shadows they are not that powdery or chalky. It comes with three applicators, no sponge applicators all brushes! Honestly I only kept the one applicator, it would have been nice if they added a blush brush in stead of what looks like a lip brush. I think this palette is great because it comes with a good selection of eye shadows and blushes, I'm not someone who uses colors often so I don't like to spend a lot on colorful palettes like I would for neutrals so this palette is great for me, and anyone else like that; I'm also a fan of matte shades and being able to have a whole palette with nothing but mattes and its colorful is amazing especially seeing that it's affordable!

     All in all this is a great palette, and good for those who are beginners and want to play around with mattes and color; this is also good for anyone especially those who love matte and colors and travel a lot. This palette comes in a shimmer version too and they are both 24.95usd, sorry I only know the US price, if you know if this is sold to the UK and the price please do leave down below so I can add it here. This palette can only be purchased through the Coastal Scents website(which will be linked below). Coastal Scents is a great company with amazing products and even better prices. I would suggest giving this palette or any of their other palettes a try. The only downside to this palette is that you have to buy it online but they have fast shipping which makes up for that in my opinion although it would be great if I could purchase their products at Wal Mart or some other store like that.

Please do check them out
Coastal Scents website:

Thanks for reading, next review on undecided yet, guess it will be a surprise :) Please leave any tutorial request below.

**All products mentioned were purchased by me, this is not sponsored, I am not affiliated with Coastal Scents(sadly), all opinions are my own.

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