Monday, July 2, 2012

Mani Monday: Purples

Hello there :)

     This week I stirred clear of China Glaze and greens! I went with Avon's Nailwear Pro in Luxe Lavender and Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in No Hard Feelings, both really nice polishes, but very alike; Avon is my favorite brand of polishes and makes up the majority of my polishes. They're usually on sell for about three dollars, they have pretty good lasting ability, and they have a wide color selection. This is my only Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish, I've tried the Extreme version of the Hard as Nails but never the original until this bottle, I like this polish but I hate the brush; it's so tiny! Over all it's a nice polish and I probably will try out more colors from this line, all though I do favor the Extreme version more, that stuff seriously out last OPI.

     So last week I had tried out a Finger Paints polish for the first time and wanted to update you all on my opinions on that polish, it stained my nails even with a base coat, but with that being said it didn't stain them as bad as other greens I've used, I just find that green polishes stain my nails like crazy, anyone else feel that way about green polish? I found that this polish chipped (for me at least) so bad; it was chipping on my pinky nail, polish never chips there, I liked the color but they aren't as good as other polishes I've used and that are cheaper, so I would pass on them unless the color is that gorgeous and you just have to have it.


Thanks for reading, please leave any request below! Sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, spell check isn't working for me...

Like I've stated before I do paint my own nails so I get polish on my cuticles and they're not perfect, but its okay because it comes off on its own within two hours, I take these pictures right after I paint my nails thats why the polishes is always there still, and if it bothers you then oh well their my nails and I'm not perfect.

Sally Hansen

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