Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to get you perfume to last all day

Hello there :)

     Have you ever bought a perfume or body spray that smelled amazing but it didn't last longer then a hour or even less then that? I know I have and its a major disappointment. I had wonder for the longest time how to get my perfume to last me all day, and then one day someone had suggested to me to try this; I was a bit skeptical but I decided to give it a go anyways and it worked! First off you should exfoliate your body(honestly this is something that you should do everyday), this works even if you don't though. Okay so this is such a simple thing, after you get out of the shower spray your perfume like right after you dried off, the reason this works so well is from the heat of the shower your pores have opened up and if you exfoliate that also helps but I find it works either way. See how simple that is, all you have to do is take a shower, well a warm shower and instead of waiting to put perfume on after you're all done with your hair. makeup and what ever else put it on as soon as you get dried off. I find that my perfume last me till the next morning or night when I take a shower.

Thanks for reading, I really hope this helps :)

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  1. Wow - really - will give it a try! xx

  2. Ohh! Will deffinately have to try this as I have bought some gorgeous perfume recently that just won't seem to last. Thank you for sharing this.x

  3. THanks for the tip. I would've thought that it would have the opposite effect, because of the humidity. But the pores being open that makes sense!