Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Avon Glazewear Lipgloss

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     This Wednesday's review is on Avon Glazewear Lipglosses. I have tried several of these from all the finishes, they have three of them, Intense, which are the extremely pigmentated one, Sparkle, these are sparkly, and then they have Shine which are more shiny then the rest. I have not tried any from the sparkle but I have tried some from the other two, and the Duo Refelect ones but they did away with those.

     These lipglosses are more on the sheer side with the exception of the Intense ones, but they are buildable.and can be worn alone or with a lipstick and still give off good pigmentation, They aren't plumping, and they are all shiny like a lipgloss should be. They have a bit of stickiness but very little its not really noticable, they're more on the creamy side. They don't last forever but they stay on for about the same as most lipglosses do. They all smell terrible, unlike Avon lipsticks which smell great, these smell quite like a cheap plastic and chemical smell. They are nice but not the best out there. I would recommend them to some one who likes Avon and is looking for a decent affordable lipgloss. Honeslty I believe they would be more worth it if they brought back the Duo Refelct finish, those were nice and smelled good, and something I would greatly recommend, so if you come across those do give them a try, they could still be should in the UK, but they aren't in the US anymore.

    These are 6.00usd and can be purchased through the Avon website or your Represenative, and if you don't have one you can find one or become one through the Avon site. These lipglosses are usually on sell for less then six dollars or other verious sells. There are 15 shades to select from and three different finishes.

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