Sunday, July 1, 2012

At Home Toner

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No more need to spend copious amounts of money on toners that have alcohol in them and only dry out you skin and give no true results.
            Today I wanted to make a post about at home toners you can make for cheap, these are pretty simple and you should have most ingredients already. These also have multiple uses, I decided I would share both of the "recipes" I know in this blog since they're both short, simple and not enough for one post each. Of course you would want to use organic products if you have them but if not that's okay too.
The bottles I use for this one, it makes it
easy to use in your hair.
         The first one is good for acne, all you need is water, sea salt, and a container to put in it. I use spray bottle that you can get anywhere, places like Wal Mart, Target, Primark, Sally Beauty Supply, dollar Stores. Seriously pretty much anywhere and they are usually only a dollar, you could also reuse a body spray or hair spray(that isn't arousal) bottle. I mix about two Tablespoons and one cup warm water together into the spray and then shake, shake, and shake like there is no tomorrow until all the salt is dissolved, it that simple. You just use it like any other toner, the salt is really good for acne and can help clear up acne. This can also be used in your hair to help give it some beachy waves.
These are the bottles I find work
best for the vinegar toner.
The next toner is a mix of one apple cider vinegar and one part water, if this is too harsh for your skin then use a one part vinegar and two parts water. This is good for the pH balance of your skin which can be thrown off by your face wash. It is only suggested to use this at night due to the smell but you can use this at both night and morning. I use this and then go over my face with the sea salt toner. I store this in a mini travel size bottle. This toner can also be used as a rinse for your hair to get all the built up product left in your hair, you just put it in your hair and then thoroughly rinse it out and it leaves your hair fresh and build up free, some people also use this as their shampoo.

Thanks for reading, I really hope these help you out and you give them a try. Please leave any request down below :)

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