Friday, June 29, 2012

Fire Flies

Hello there:)

     So I was inspired to do this look from fireflies(fun fact I am terrified of fire flies, actually all beetles), it's a night look of course, since fireflies or lightning bugs only come out at night time well they only light up at night. This look is using the Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte palette. This look is matte, but I did add some sparkles because they light up and I just thought sparkles when I thought of the lighting up and its using a total of five colors but really you could get away with using five colors, I just blended a few together to get the ones I wanted and you can use any shadows you'd like that are similar to the ones I used, you can also switch out the green and put in silver, I've done that many times and it looks so gorgeous like that too, I'll probably do that for my next night time look. Now onto the the look...

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
ELF Cream Eyeliner in black(I have a review on this)
Coastal Scents 42 double stack matte palette(review coming soon)
Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter in Pearly White, this comes off a bit green and they have one called Gleaming Green which probably would work better
Avon SuperShock Waterproof Mascara
Lashes (optional)
I used only six brushes for this, two packs, a concealer brush for the glitter, a pencil brush, angled, and blending brush.

I used the colors in red and then mixed the colors in black together to get the perfect color. Use any palette you have, and now that I look at this picture I realize that I mixed the two olive shades and the dark green shades together to get a perfect color to blend between the black and green/yellow shade. Use any colors that correspond to these or that are the same without the blending.

First take you cream liner or pencil liner and draw a shape similar to this, make a shape that works for your eye shape, you want it to go half way in your crease and then make like a crescent shape and meet with the lash line, I really hope that makes sense. It doesn't have to look perfect!

Nest fill in your shape with liner then a matte black shadow, also light blend the edges out but not to much, this is one of those looks that don't really involve much blending. You can put tape on the edge of your eye to keep it sharp if you find it hard to keep that line sharp, I find that making a line with the liner keeps mine sharp but do what works best for you.

Then just pack on a greenish yellow shade, like I mentioned before I blended two shades to get this but you could use any color that matches this or that is similar to this that you already own.

I added some white shadow with a light hand under the brow to highlight and and took a dark green and blended in between the green and black to give a nice gradient. Then I simply lined my upper lash line and water line and outer half of my lower lash line. Then I put some orange shade on the inner part to represent the liner on the fire flies backs.

Then I put a little bit of lash glue just on the green under my crease and let it get tacky before packing on some glitter, this is of course optional, I think it looks pretty either way.

Lastly just set your liner, put on some mascara and lashes and your all done. I didn't really spend much time on my lashes like I normally would have. I also filled my brows in a bit stronger then normal because of how bold this look is.

Thanks for reading, more to come, please leave your opinions and request below, I really hope you liked this look and give it a try!

Websites for products:,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=1_503

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**All products mentioned were purchased by me,this is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


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