Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black

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      This is a review on ELFs Cream Eyeliner in black, I haven't tried any of the other colors yet, but I do plan to sometime soon and once I do I'll probably review those too. Although from what I hear they're not as good as the black one. Now on to the review.
     This liner isn't the most creamy cream liner but it is workable, and doesn't dry up easily. It has good pigmentation, and comes with a mini brush, the brush isn't the best but it does do the job for those who don't have any or many brushes, it is also nice for beginners. I would recommend this for people just looking to try cream or gel eyeliner for the first time or those sick of paying 20 dollars for a gel liner that just dries up in a month or two. I found this to be quite easy to apply and long lasting. It lasts all day(especially once set with shadow); even on my waterline, which from what I found is safe for the waterline. The packaging is really nice also and it comes with .17 ounce and for me that has lasted over a year and hasn't dried up completely but honestly it needs thrown out, I wouldn't recommend keeping it more then five months tops; I just hate wasting product even though I know I should throw it out and I don't use this daily so to me it's not that germy like it would be if I did use it daily even though it really is but I haven't gotten an eye infection yet so we're all good still, and with that being said I did actually repurchase this because it really is a great liner.   
      All in all I would recommend this to people especially those who want to try cream or gel liners but are hesitant on spending 20 dollars on something they aren't sure about, it's a really nice liner that has good pigmentation and is a nice rich dark black liner that last all day long; it's also affordable and can often be found on sale for half off on the ELF website. This also makes for a good base for a black or deep colored smokey eyes, it looks gorgeous under a medium/dark shimmery purple eyeshadow.

     This liner comes 11 shades, and cost 3.00usd and 3.50pounds. In the US you can buy this and other ELF products in Target, and you can purchase ELF at (US) or (UK).

Thanks for reading, next review is going to be on Avon Glazewear Lipglosses.

**All opinions are my own, this was not sponsored, I purchased everything mentioned.

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  1. I love this liner. It was the first cream I tried and I was so suprised at how easy it was to use!