Friday, June 8, 2012

My favorite ways to add a POP of color for Summer

      Hello There:)   

This post is just a picture tutorial on how I add pops of color for summer time, more picture tutorials to come! I also have no concealer on in this pictures... Please follow for more.

          First I start with just a very light natural look, just one of my go to light and natural looks. Use your go to natural look, but pick one that's more lighter and simple. I will be doing my everyday natural makeup look and how I contor my eyes(which is another one of my go to looks especially when I need to leave and only have five minutes to do my makeup) soon. All I have on in for this is a light shimmer peachy pink blush on my lids, some bronzer in my crease and a darker brown in my outer v, nothing special.

        The first way, all I do is line my upper lid with black liner, I used gel and made a wing but you can use liquid or pencil and do your go to liner for the upper lid. After I lined my upper lid I lined half of my lower lash line and waterline, but only line half. Then I took Wet N Wild Coloricon Turquoise pencil liner and lined the remaining half. This way is good for those less daring and who don't want much color, also feel free to use what ever colors you want for this, of course.

If you want a little more then above but not more them just line your whole lower lash line and waterline with your colored liner.

           This last way is how I wear my liner in the summer time most often. It's the same exact thing as the first way but instead of using black I used Wet N Wild Coloricon pencil liner in Green, you could use purple with light purple or any light and dark color combo you'd like.

Then I just apply the Wet N Wild Coloricon pencil liner in turquoise, like I did in the first way but when I do my liner this way I use a light frosty blue(Wet N Wild Coloricon in Sky Blue) in the inner corner.

I typically wear a color lip or nude with this but I think a light pinkish berry would look nice too or even a nice pink.

Make sure you set all of your liner, for it to last all day. I used the Wet N Wild Coloricon pencils to do these looks. I really love these liners, they're affordable, there's a great color selection, and they work great.

Thanks for reading!

**This was not sponsored, all opinions are mine and everything mentioned was purchased by me.

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  1. Love the eye looks in your pictures, looks great on you!

  2. Wow these looks are so lovely and have totally inspired me to try using brighter coloured liners! Wish I could get the wet n wild ones but I'm sure I'll find something similar. Awesome job on these looks :) xox

  3. I love the colours! How do you set your liner?

    1. Thanks, I use an eyeshadow that is as close to the color of the eyeliner and an angled brush to press the shadow on to the liner; this helps prevents it from smudging and fading throughout the day.