Saturday, June 23, 2012

7 Things I Aim to Achieve.

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    I absolutely adore Louise's blog and YouTube channel, so I decided I would join in on this fun activity she created on her blog. The idea of this is to make a goal of seven thing you would like to achieve in the next seven or so days. Something random but I thought I would mention it anyways, today is my cat Emma's birthday, shes five now.

1.Get my hair done, I have been planning on perming my hair for a while now and I just haven't got around to it. So this week I am going to get my hair done.

2. Read more, I love reading and I have a stack of book just waiting to be read, so I want to read at least one of those books.

3. Get more organized, I am one of those people who are just completely unorganized; so I'm going to make goal number three to get more organized.

4. Use the treadmill, I have a treadmill that never gets used, so for this week I'm going to use it everyday for at least 30 minutes, hopefully this will be able to continue on for the whole month and beyond.

5. Eat better, lately I have been craving cotton candy which I have not gotten yet and chocolate and its one of those cravings that I can not get rid of, nothing seems to solve this craving, so for the next week I don't want to eat any chocolate or non healthy food.

6. Make a blog post everyday of the week. I usually only do four a week well so far, although I do have in my mind that if something like say a haul or tag I would post it on a Tuesday or Thursday, so this week I'm going to blog everyday.

7. Lastly is to clean, this may go hand in hand with the organizing but to me its two totally different things, so I need to clean up my room so I can then organize it.

Thanks for reading! I will do a blog post in a week as to whither I went through with my goals or not.


  1. Love your goal ideas. If you would like to read mine i'm new haha

  2. I love her, Best of luck with your goals x