Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads

Hello there:)
       As I said in my previous review I was going to review something from Avon, honestly I have a bit of an addiction to Avon, I just find catalog shopping so addictive kind of like online shopping. Now to get into the actual review, first I want to state that I do not own all of these, therefore I will only go off of the ones I own and do a general assumption based on characteristics that all of the ones I own have. I own five of these and there are currently 12 in the permanent line.
     These have good pigmentation but they're no MAC or Urban Decay shadow, but with that being said they are buildable and easy to work with. They blend nicely and have a nice texture. From the ones I own I find there isn't much fall out or at least with the majority of the colors. Within the line its self they have a great color selection, although it wouldn't hurt them to add a few more colorful quads. All in all I do really like these shadows, most are shimmer from my experience but yet again most lower end eyeshadows are shimmer and contain very few matte shades, if your a shimmer person then this wont bother you but if your like me and like to mix up textures and have at least one matte shade in your look then this will be a problem. They do come with directions on where to put each shadow which is really great for beginners and they colors are all the right corresponding shades to create a nice look without needing any other shades. I do like a palette or quad to have good color range that I don't need to add any colors into so these are nice, I think we all can agree that in the morning when your on a tight schedule and need to be out the door like ten minutes ago it's nice to only have to grab one quad rather then multiple or a bunch of single shadows and these are good for that. My only complaints would be add more colors and matte shades but other then that these are really nice quads and I would recommend them to someone on a budget or that just wants a quad that they can use without needed to add in any more colors.
       These quads retail for 9.00usd but are usually on sell for 4.99usd or other specials such as two for the price of one and can usually always be found on sale. You can purchase these through a representative or and if you don't already have a representative you can find you closest representative or even sign up and become an Avon representative your self.

Thanks for reading! Next review will be on ELF Cream Liner.

**This is not sponsered, all opinions are my own and I purchased all products mentioned myself.

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  1. Great review! Lots of awesome colors and of course the quads that catch my eye are the limited edition ones! lol :)

    1. Thank you, they always do have amazing limited editon colors :)

  2. I have the mocca latte one I love it x