Sunday, June 17, 2012

How I keep my hair super silky and shiny all week long

         Hello There:)
        I've decided that I want to make a post every Sunday dedicated to at home "spa" type things such as facials, hair mask, and other things you can do at home for cheap. I personally like to treat my self on Sundays, just relax and take time to give my hair and skin some extra love and attention it deserves.

     So my first post will be on how I keep my hair soft and silky all week. I am a firm believer in not washing your hair daily, it dries your hair and scalp out and if you dye your hair like me if slowly but surely fades your color and no one wants dry hair with faded color. I have fine hair, its a medium/long length and I dye it a few times a year, I dye it black because it fades into a dark brown color that I really like, I personally don't use heat on my hair very often maybe once every other month, but I also only get my ends cut off a few times a year so to me its important to keep my ends from splitting and to keep my hair as silky and soft as possible.

Make sure its extra virgin ollive oil.
You can use extra virgin coconut oil too.
       What I do is every Sunday or at least I try to do this every Sunday is put extra virgin olive oil in my hair, this is a pretty well known thing but I feel as though some people are a little off on using this because its oil and you don't want to put something you cook with in your hair. Well its actually really good for your hair its like the ultimate leave in conditioner and most people already have it in their kitchen.

This the brush I'm talking about.
       The first thing I do is I brush my hair out completely, using a paddle brush I had once heard that the were the most gentle on your head and I do believe they are, I use a Conair one, it was one of those ones with the gushy handles and it is seriously the most gentle brush I have ever used, if you can find one seriously give it a try you wont regret it. After my hair is completely brushed out from root to ends I pour about three tablespoons of the olive oil in my hands and start to work it through my ends then on to the roots, I massage it into my scalp gently with the palms of my hands because this helps circulate the blood in your scalp causing your hair to grow fast. Lastly I take a wide tooth come and gently comb though my hair to make sure its evenly distributed and then pull it up and let my hair soak it up for at least thirty minute but I try to go an hour or two, you can sleep with it in your hair, all you do is add a shower cap before going to bed.

        After you have let it sit in your hair for your desired time of course just rinse it out, I suggest using either a clarifying shampoo(DO NOT use this if you just dyed your hair) or kids shampoo(this usually has conditioner in it and its much more gentle and doesn't strip your color as much), I usually use both just to insure its all out, believe me its not a good thing when you accidentally leave some of it in, having clean roots and greasy ends just doesn't look right. Honestly this leaves my hair so soft and shiny all week and it doesn't leave your hair smelling like olive oil.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the boring pretty much all text post, next at home spa Sunday post will be on a at home facial or maybe exfoliater.

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  1. Wow, really helpful post. Thank you!
    Never thought of olive oil for my hair, I guess your hair does need oil to grow longer though. I also have an intense hair treatment session every sunday, hehe :)


  2. I love using oils, I'm especially loving Argan Oil at the minute but olive has always been a firm favorite!