Monday, June 25, 2012

Mani Monday: Mint and Green

Hello there :)

This picture was taken before the pictures my nails.

      So this week I wanted to test out a few new polishes I bought, mini haul coming this week. So the polishes I have on this week including my toe nails(fun fact, I only paint my toe nails once a month, usually), anyways I have on Finger Paints Go Van Gogh! and China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, on my toes I have China Glaze For Audrey. I just want to put this out there I buy China Glaze polishes because I can get them so cheap at Sally Beauty Supply, if I didn't get them for no more then 3.50usd then I wouldn't be so okay with buying them, I don't buy OPI or Essie because I think it's too expensive, but for me China Glaze is cheap, I'm going to include a link or two of where you can buy China Glaze for cheap with the other links.

I do paint my own nails so they're not perfect.

And I wanted to give my first impression on the Finger Paints polish, I mentioned this in my haul and said I would but this is going up sooner then that... The brush is small, but the cap is really nice like it just fits in your hand so well, the polish was very opaque but it was a dark polish and the consistency was nice, overall I thought it was a nice polish and I would consider buying more Finger Paints polishes, and my only complaint so far is the brush size, I'll update you next week upon the wear of the polish, by the way the NYC polish I had on last week didn't chip at all, pretty good for a dollar polish although it was only on my ring fingers so it probably would have chipped a bit on other fingers but I have found they are pretty good polishes for a dollar.

I really need to get the tattoo touched up,
but I did mention that I had this in
my One Lovely Blog Award post and
here he is, I named him Harold
 when I got him done last year.

Links: China Glaze(legit site), Sally Beauty Supply, Finger Paints is this a brand sold in the UK?
Cheap China Glaze polish: 8ty8 Beauty, Head2toe Beauty. I am not affiliated with this companies nor have I ever purchased from them, I have heard people mention 8ty8 beauty before so I would imagine it's a legitimate site selling cheap China Glaze polish, the other site was one that popped up first so I assumed they were pretty reputable.

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**All products mentioned were purchased by me, all opinions are my own, this is not sponsored just a run on sentence, I have poor grammar, not really I just like run on sentences.

Buy brushes here: use code STAR2012 for 10% off during June.

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