Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How I Do My Eyebrows

Everyone seems to have a different way of doing their eyebrows, some complicated some very simple. This is just what I typically do, sometimes I do use powder instead.
My brows are naturally good, so there's not to big of a difference nor do I have to do much to them. But there is a pretty noticeable difference in person.
What I use:
  • Avon Perfect Brow Pencil in Dark
  • Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in 002 Hazel
  • ELF Clear Mascara and Brow Gel
What I do:
  1. The first thing I do is pluck all the random hairs and make sure that my brows are in the shape I want them.
  2. I use the Avon pencil which is darker then the Rimmel pencil, I only use this to fill in my arch.
  3. Then I lightly do the beginning of my brows. 
  4. I pencil in the ends darker then the beginning of my brows but not as dark ad the arch.
  5. I use a spoolie and run this throw my brows to blend it all together.
  6. Lastly I set my brow with a clear gel. I didn't set my brows in the picture but normally I do.
I don't believe the Avon pencil is still available but if so or you can find it give it a try, its a great brow pencil, and I wouldn't recommend the Rimmel one, personally I am just using it up, it is very dry and just not the best pencil out there, you can get better for less. I have heard good things about the Wet n Wild Color Icon pencils for the brows.
What is your brow routine?

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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