Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ways to Change Up Your Manicure

No one likes chipped nails and the same
manicure can get boring.
Do you have chipped nails, getting bored with your manicure mid-way through the week, or tired of the same old one color manicure week after week but not so great at nail art? Well if any of those apply to you then this post is perfect for you! I want to share with you a few easy ways to change up any manicure and a few that hide those chipped tips. I personally only like to paint my nails once a week so this is what I often do to cover up the chipping, I may add on to these and do a part two. The green is Rimmel 60 Second polish in Sage All the Rage and the brown is Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Commander in Chic. Both featured in a haul recently you can see that here and the green was just in my past Mani Monday, which you can see here. Also when doing these try to pick an opaque polish to make these much easier.
The middle one isn't actually pointy it's the
light reflecting.
So the first thing I like to do is like a half moon manicure but with a triangle, this has been pretty trendy lately and is a fun twist on the half moon manicure, I used a post it, pretty strange but it worked pretty good. I cut one of the corners on the sticky side and stuck that on the base of my nail and then painted the tip, I did have to touch up the green because it was a little messy so painting on the triangle would probably be easy if you aren't trying to cover up any chipping. To do that I would use two pieces of tape and just tape them onto the nail forming a triangle at the base.
Next is one of my personal favorites, I actually do polka dots on my nails fairly often. I think they are super cute and good for any color combo, and they look great as an accent or on all of your nails. I use the ball of a sewing pin but a dotting tool is the more conventional way, I just don't own one. I have also used lollipop sticks for bigger dots and that worked really great.
The half moon manicure is a pretty popular easy nail art trick. The most common way and the method I used was using binder reinforcement labels, these can be found at store like Target, Walmart and any other drugstore for around a dollar. You just stick these on the base of the nail as low or as high as you'd like and then paint the tip, wait 30 seconds then remove the binder reinforcement label.
This next one is pretty easy and really cute, all you do is paint thin vertical strips and then paint the top third. This adds a little bit more then a French tip but also covers your chipping.

Lastly is the French tip, classic and so looks great with any color combination. I just free hand this, but I have always heard that if you move your finger instead of the brush it makes the perfect strip. You can also try the binder reinforcement labels and tape to achieve that perfect tip.

What are your favorite ways to spice up your manicure or hide chipping? Remember none of these have to look perfect, mine sure don't but I still always get compliments on them so don't worry about them not looking perfect, they are just easy ways that anyone can do.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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