Monday, November 5, 2012

At home cuticle oils


My cuticles are always dry and personally I can never remember to buy cuticle oil nor find it something I want to spend very much money on. These are a few alternatives I use that I and have heard of through others.

Lip balm, you would be surprised of the uses you can get out of lip balm, I find that the Vaseline and Carmex lip balms in the squeeze tubes work best. I just squeeze a little out, you need the tiniest amount, and just massage this into my cuticles. You could use just petroleum jelly without the chemicals, it doesn't make a difference, I just personally use the lip balm.

Oils, coconut, olive, hemp, vitamin E, and tea tree, these types of oils are great alone or mixed together, I have dry hands so I like to exfoliate with these types of oils and the rinse of just the sugar or salt and leave the oil on my hands and cuticles and put on a thick layer of lotion and a pair of gloves, I sleep with this and find that not only my hands but my cuticles are moisturized once I wake up. This is good to do once a week, depending on how dry your hands and cuticles are. I don't think I could have said and anymore in that last sentence.

The way that works best for me is applying these such things to my hands after I get out of the shower, but you could just soak your fingers in warm water for five minutes. The reason you want to soak them first is the oil or petroleum jelly will lock in the moisture that is added from the water and keep your cuticles softer longer, it will also do more overall for your cuticles this way.

I hope this helps! Do you have any other things you use to keep your cuticles moisturized or a great cheap cuticle oil?

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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