Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ImPress Press On Manicure


I can honestly say I was not impressed with these nails. The concept is neat and they do have some cute designs but that's about all they have. I have been hearing a lot about these nails lately. I had gotten these about four months back, maybe a little longer through an Influenster VoxBox, so they were free.

The first flaw I found with these were the size, for me personally they were shorter then my own nails; which are pretty short naturally. Just to wear these I had to cut my nails as short as I possibly could. So they aren't really designed for adults, I feel as though they don't exceed the quality and size that the ones we all used as children have. This of course may not be a problem for you if you have small nails naturally. They look longer on other peoples nails, so maybe this was just a problem for me.

After I had sacrificed my nail length; I ran into another problem, they just didn't want to stick onto my nails. These lasted me maybe ten minutes before any started falling off and they were all off in thirty minutes. The product claims to last up to a week, I couldn't even get an hour out of these. I am rough on my nails but the only thing I was doing at the time of use with these was texting. Now you could always glue these on, but that defeats the purpose of using these so you don't ruin your nails with acrylics. I also don't like that they come in only one size, which are really short, when I get my nails done I get them done so I can have long nails, not shorter then my nails naturally are.

Don't get me wrong I think the concept of these is wonderful, but the product just didn't meet my expectations. I would have loved for these to work out, who wouldn't love acrylic without the damage to your nails and for less. Personally I would say pass on these, your better off getting tips at a nail salon or just sticking to polishing your nails. I am glad that I got these through Influenster though, it saved me from wasting money on these, and I hope this saves you from wasting yours.

If you still want to try them, they are available at any drugstore and are around 6usd, you can get them in Boots in the UK, but I would imagine they are in all drugstores there too, sorry I don't know the price but I do believe they start at five pounds.

Did you try these, how did they work for you? Maybe I did something wrong and just need to give them another chance, but for now they didn't work.

I also want to state that when using these my nails were polish free and had no oils or lotion on them.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

Influenster: I guess you need an invite now, if you would like an invite just leave a comment saying so with your email, I can only invite five people though, and I'm not positive if Influenster is worldwide.

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