Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips for at home hair dying


I have been dying my hair for a few years now and a few tips I wanted to share. First I do want to say if you are dying your hair more then three shades lighter or darker go to a salon, you never want to go from black hair to blond, it is to easy to mess up and not worth it if you do.

So the first tip I have is to get some one else to dye your hair for you. I always have my sister dye my hair, but anyone would work, don't have some one who has no clue what to do dye your hair though. It's easier for people to get your whole head and not miss any spots then it is for you. These can also help with mess, both down your neck and face or house. If you can't get some one else to do or even if you can, dye it in sections, four usually works best.

Always have one more box of dye then you think you're going to need. It is always best to be safe and have an extra then to be short one, plus you'll have another for next time you dye your hair.

Before you even get to dying you should test it on either behind your ear or wrist, not going to lie this isn't something I do, I have been using the same dye for quite sometime and have never had a problem and I can never remember to do this, but it is something I do recommend doing especially if it's a dye you've never used before, I would wait an hour and if it doesn't react then I would say you should be fine.

Dye your hair when it's two or three days dirty, dirty hair holds better. I have always been told this by my mom, who is a licensed cosmetologist. Whither you are dying your hair or just adding a chemical treatment of some sort, do it on dirty hair.

Vaseline around the hair line, down the neck and on the ears; don't get this in your hair. This will keep the dye from staining your skin.

Using a hair dryer on your hair while the dye is in it will open the hair cuticle, allowing the dye to really get into it. Personally this isn't something I do unless my hair isn't dying.

So now that you've dyed your hair and are done with that, I recommend going a week without heat products. Dying your hair does some damage and its always nice to give your hair a heat free week after dying to prevent even more damage.

My last tip would be do a deep treatment in seven days, I always wait a week, I honestly don't know why I just do. By now all the dye that didn't get rinsed out should definitely be and the dye should be locked into the cuticle. Also wash your hair every two to three days, this is overall better for your hair but also helps prevent it from fading so fast. If your new to skipping washes you can check my post on dry shampoos out here.

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