Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favorites!

Isn't this cute? I find it on google, I was going to use a picture of all my favorites but I couldn't find my phone or camera.

So I wrote this on the first, and I went all day not realizing that it was October, I just hope I didn't write the date any where...

So the first thing I have been loving is the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, I had gotten a sample of this and the MUFE Full Coverage concealer a while back and I have been using this one more and I absolutely love this concealer, I'm going to give the other one a try too, but I think I might get the full size of this concealer.

Another favorite of mine this month and the past three has been Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette, I'm not going to talk about this too much, since I rave about it constantly, but I am going to add the link here for the review I have on it.

This month I was using a combo of two Rimmel mascaras, Lycra Lash Extender and Extra Wow; I love the way this combo makes my lashes look. I have been testing out the Wet n Wild cream liner, to compare it to the ELF one, and it is definitely a favorite of the month. I also wanted to mention the Avon Perfect Eyebrow pencil, it is a dual ended pencil, one side spoolie other side the brow pencil and it is really great, I think they might be doing away with them so I figured I would mention these so there's still a chance to try before they are gone, and I really do love these, I use this every day for my brows, it is my all time favorite thing for my brows and its cheap. As I was typing this an Avon commercial came on...

For blush this month I have been using an ELF Studio line blusher in Blushing Rose, it is such a gorgeous blush for fall, I love the way this looks in the backs of my cheeks half in the hallows and half on the bone. Revlon Colorburst? Lipgloss in Rose Gold has been my go to lipgloss this pretty much just lives in my bag now, it is so pretty I really don't know if they still have this one but if they do check it out it is so pretty for fall, or just any season.

I have been in a rut lately, using the same products, but changing up my eye makeup, and by that I mean using four different colors and just changing the placement, I think I'm going to do one of those basket of the week things, that make you switch it up and get some use out of other things, maybe if I do I'll make a post about it.

What have your favorites this month been? I should have a late mani monday posted later today.

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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