Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Lorac Ooh La Lace Palette

LORAC - Ooh La Lace Baked Shimmer & Matte Eye Shadow Palette  Hey,

I realized that a. I haven't been posting lately and b. I haven't ever reviewed anything high end. I personally don't purchase much high end makeup, because I'm still a teenager and I buy my own makeup and don't have a job, so therefore high end isn't always in my budget, but I do on occasion like to splurge on something. This palette was my first high end purchase; I feel like it, well the brand actually isn't talked much about in the beauty community, and to me that is insane, Lorac is an AMAZING brand, well for eyeshadows at least, and it's also fairly cheap, you may disagree with me on that but I personally feel 36 dollars for a six pan eyeshadow palette isn't bad at all, that's six dollars (I'm using US currency) for an eyeshadow. That are huge too, so its going to last you forever! This palette has been out for over a year.

This palette is adorable, it has the cutest name and packaging. Seriously, who doesn't love lace? The palettes is silver with black lace on the outside; the inside is sparkly black, with a mirror. There are three matte shades, a dark brown, black, and gray. The other three shades are shimmers, these colors are an cream, nude, and a bronze. Here are the names of the shadows: Lust (cream with shimmer), Smolder (matte gray), Risqué (matte black), Stunner (light bronze with shimmer), Knockout (bronze with shimmer), Racy (matte brown). Other then the adorable packaging the bronze shade is what attracted me to this palette, it's such a gorgeous shadow. This is a baked palette so the shadows can be used wet or dry, all of them are pigmented. The shimmer shades are better in pigmentation then the matte, but the matte ones are still really nice, also none of these are chalky or have a lot of fall out. You can create several different smokey eyes and day time looks with this palette. Looks for a seasons and occasions.

Overall I feel this is a really great palette, and worth the money. It has good pigment, is fairly affordable. Includes shades that you're likely to get use out of all of them, personally I when I buy a palette and only use half of the shadows I feel it was a bit of a waste but this was definitely not the case. There is a good mix of mattes and shimmers, many looks can be created with it too. The only down fall of this palette is you can not get outside of the US, but if you are in the US I really suggest checking this palette out, it can be purchased online or in stores at Ulta and Sephora, and of course

Have you tried Lorac or this palette? What were your thoughts on them?

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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