Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Gifts for the Holidays


It's about that time again, and I wanted to share with you some great gift ideas, and keep in mind it may be early but with shipping and if your not in the US you may want to start ordering US based things now. Brushes make great gifts for all types of makeup lovers, you can't go wrong with a good brush set and I hope this helps guide you with picking a good brush kit for gifting during this holiday season. This is only about brushes but I can do one on palettes and sets if you would like. Everything will be hyperlinked. Also you can use the code DEAL2012 for 10% off during October, I'll update this monthly with the new code.

This first set is for some one just starting out or looking for a basic set of good brushes, the Essential Kit. These are your basic brushes, it comes with 12 brushes and in several colors. You can get this with or with out the brush cup. This kit is 89usd without the brush cup or 109usd with the brush cup. This is really good for beginners or those who just want a good basic brush kit. Also comes in a Vegan Kit. 

They also have the Essential kit split up between an Eyes Kit for 52usd and a Face Kit for 57usd.

This next kit is the completion of the Essential kit in my opinion; this one is good for more advanced users or those who already have the Essential kit or their basic brushes. This kit is the Premium Kit. This comes with 15 brushes and a brush roll/pouch, but is a bit more pricey; it cost 149usd. 

These next kits are sold as a set or separately; they are also synthetic and great for applying foundation and concealer. These are the Synthetic Essential Kit, for 119usd, it includes 10 brushes, five face and five eye brushes. The Eye Kit for 55usd and the Face Kit for 59usd are also great alternatives for those who want one and not the other.

They also have a great Performance Eyes Kit, for 55usd which is great for those who love eye makeup or do a lot of detailed makeup, great gift for beginner makeup artist or aspiring makeup artist. This kit has eight small brushes designed for a more precise and detailed makeup.

These brushes also come in Travel Kits and Individual Brushes.

A Dry n' Shape for 29usd and is a lovely gift for someone who already has all these kits or a lovely accompanying gift to one of these kits.

I know I said this was about brushes but I figured I would mention they do have great Eyeshadow Palettes. They are all pretty wearable colors in their three palettes, the Bare Palette, the Dare Palette, and the Flare Palette. These all come with eight shadows and a dual ended eye brush; all the palettes are 35usd.

These brushes are great for all the up coming holidays and birthdays, whither you are shopping for a beginner or an experienced makeup lover. Here's the Sigma link for those who would just like to browse.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!