Friday, August 9, 2013

First Impression: Covergirl Flamed Out and Maybelline Big Eyes Mascaras


I got the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara a few weeks ago and earlier this week Covergirls Flamed Out mascara earlier this week. I wanted to share by first impressions on these mascaras but felt it wasn't enough for one post so I figured I'd combine them and then tell you which one I'd suggest.
Let's start with the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. What's really cool about this mascara is that it has a separate mascara for the lower lashes, which is a nice mascara. But with that said the mascara for you upper lashes doesn't do anything, I tried this and so did my mother and neither of us felt like it did anything. It's like putting nothing on your lashes and no matter how much you work with it is barely shows up. To me it's not even a natural look it just looks like you have nothing on, this isn't what I kook for in a mascara at all, I have fairly nice lashes and this doesn't do anything to them other then tints them, so no matter your lashes I'd say skip on this, it does nothing at all. It's quite the let down for Maybelline mascaras. I honestly couldn't even tell you how this weird since I can't see it to say if it's still on in a few hours. The brush on the top lash mascara is thin, it tapered to the tip and has a twist in the brush. The lower lashes mascara I'd just small and straight nothing special, your typical wand for the lower lashes.
The Covergirl Flamed Out mascara on the other hand is nice, it gives a natural look but it is still really nice. It wears great, I actually fell asleep with this on and it looked the same as it did before I fell asleep, I have experienced no flaking. It doesn't make your lashes hard and it holds a curl. This does need to be built up if you want to have more then a natural look but two coats looks nice too. The brush is a bit different, it's smaller in the middle and the tip and base seem to be the same size, the brush is really good and this mascara doesn't leave clumps.
Both of these mascaras are around the same price and where one can be bought the other one should be able to be bought there too. The Covergirl mascara is the one I would suggest, skip on the Maybelline mascara it really doesn't do anything.
Have you tried either of these, what are your thoughts on them?
Thanks for reading, leave any request below!

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