Friday, August 23, 2013

Tips For Self Tanning Your Face


Summer is coming to an end and well all want to keep that glowing tan we got this summer through the whole winter and that's where self tanner becomes your friend. The self tanner for the face I like is the Lorac SelfTantalizer for face. I find that it give me light glowing color; this product is a gradual self tanner.

When using self tanner on your face you first want to read the instructions and do a patch test on your wrist, this will not only show you if you'll have a reaction but if the product will turn you orange. I generally use the same amount of self tanner as I would moisturizer, don't over do it. Using too much is how you get strikes. Generally all you need is a dime size. I rub the product in between my hands and then all over my face, getting the ears and down the neck. This is important because without these areas it will look really strange and fake. After I cover my face I go over my face with a clean stippling brush. This is very important, it will insure your completely blended in and help get rid of patches that just using your hands could leave. It will also leave you look more naturally tan. Last thing I do is wash my hands, make sure you do this immediately after you finish or you'll end up with tan palms and that's not always a good look.

Other things you should always do before self tanning: apply to freshly cleaned, dry skin. Exfoliate prior to self tanning and slowly build up the color, never apply four coats at one time. I also suggest waiting eight to twelve hours before washing your face again.

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