Tuesday, June 30, 2015

VISEASRT Eyeshadow Palette First Impression

Scrolling through Sephora I came across this palette, never heard of the brand or seen anyone mention it or review it. Personally I obsess over nude palettes, especially when they are completely matte. It comes in four color options, the one I got was 01 neutral nudes, two of the four were sold out and the other one wasn't my type of colors. These run for 80$ and not sold in stores. For me that's no problem, shipping is always fast from Sephora three days and is free with this palette. Lucky for me Sephoras warehouse is in Maryland and I'm in Pennsylvania so it's always here in two days instead.

Now my first thought when seeing this was wow it's little, bigger than a Nars palette, we all know how small those are but definitely not what I'd expect for a twelve pan palette that is 80$. Comparing to my other palettes I do see its about the same size and the shadows appear larger. The packaging isn't pretty, which is why the palette isn't huge. The focus is all in product not packaging which to me isn't a big deal. It is a plastic palette but not cheap, very sturdy; with a clear lid.

Besides price and packaging, what personally matters most to me pigmentation, it is great. Formula is soft and buttery; colors apply and blend amazingly. I used this once so far, and I put it on around eleven and was out till one that night, at one my shadow looked good, not as good as it did but when I first tried this palette I skipped on primer to get a real feel for how it would hold up. Without primer colors still showed without packing on five layers and lasted a good time. Even with a primer I don't expect no fading after 14 hours, and the best part no creasing. I will say for me personally unless it's  a cheap shadow I very rarely experience creasing. Another thing is not one shade lacks pigment or is chalky. They are all of the same quality and great shadows.

Even though I think this is a great palette and I will be keeping it and probably picking up the one other option I was interested in, I wouldn't say this is a must. If you're like me and already have multiple matte palettes, I'd say try a different one and give the brand a try. To me this is perfect for beginners or someone who has very few mattes. This has all your basics, it doesn't have a white, an off white but not true white, other than that it covers the basics of nude mattes. Mostly warm shades but a few cool and a good range in shades. It's a good to have palette but not a must. But so many looks can be created and I love the fact that you have transition colors, lighter shades and deep shades too. But really I'd say unless you're just starting out skip it, good for people with no mattes in their collection but not a must if you have say the Urban Decay Naked Basic palettes.

For me I'll get a lot of use out of it because I mostly do a matte look with winged liner but not everyone is crazy for mattes and won't get much use out of a  palette like this. Geared more towards pros but the quality makes it worth trying, just probably in a different option. I plan on getting the Sultry Muse palette once back in stock and will definitely post about how shimmery shades are too. on Sephora at least their isn't much offered by this brand and the other two products are palettes as well. 80$ is a lot for a palette but for the quality and fact that twelve shadow from any high end brand will cost you well over 80$ it's not that bad of a price, but it would be nice to see in stores prior to purchasing at that price.

Thanks for reading all that rambling!

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