Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At!

Hey, so I love this tag, and I decided I should share the beauty things I suck at with you.

First off I suck at putting mascara on, I don't know how many pictures I have uploaded to my blog that consist of mascara on my lid or under my lashes were it shouldn't be. To make that worse I always forget to clean it up or just don't care too.

Another thing I suck at is braiding my hair, whether its a simple side braid, fish tail, or french braid I can never do them or at least not well, I can handle the side braid but it's always loose and messy.

Touching up my makeup seems to be impossible for me, lipstick I can handle but powder is just too much for me.

Not chipping away my nail polish, when I get bored I seriously peel it off, only after it already starts chipping on its own, but still its not cute.

Keeping my brushes clean, now I'm not the type of person to do weekly cleanings but I wish I was, I don't go more then a month but its still unsanitary and something I should fix.

Colorful makeup, this one I really am working on, I have for the most part gotten how to do it down, and have a few post coming up of a few things that I have done, but I never wear it out, and sometimes no matter how good it looks I just can't pull it of.

Another nail thing, I can with patients manage to do a perfect manicure, but when it comes to painting my nails I always seem to be lacking with that patients.

Keeping my vanity clean, come the end of the week I have makeup everywhere and then you get those weeks that I don't clean it up and for two straight weeks I can't find anything cause nothing gets put back! Going along with this I suck at clearing out the lipsticks in my bag!

Nail art is not my game, on top of not being able to do it, I am always to lazy to even give it a try!

Using a setting spray seems to be impossible to remember along with curling my lashes!

What are some beauty things you can suck at, I could honestly go on forever but I figured a short post would be better then a book!

Thanks for reading, please leave any request below!

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